For your quinceanera, you will have many options when choosing a tiara. Perhaps too many options!

Tiara denotes a “princess” before God and the world: the triumph over childhood and ability to face the challenges ahead.

The Tiara or Corona plays a role in the Quinceanera ceremony as a traditional headpiece worn by the Quinceanera. The “Crowning” is done either by her parents or the godparents who are presenting the gift.

Boho-Chic Tiara

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Look for a thin, silver tiara that is designed using floral and leaf details. The leaves and floral details are reminiscent of the tiaras that Greek Goddesses wore and are great for a on outdoor Quinceanera.

Jeweled Tiara

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Look for a grand tiara that holds many gems. Your dazzling Quince tiara can include the colors of your Quince dress or can use a variation of colors that will complement your main color scheme.

Nontraditional Tiara

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The most nontraditional style of tiara for a Quince ensemble is the Middle Eastern-inspired headpiece. The headpiece is designed with a cascading gems that curtain off to the sides of the head. You can opt for a gold, silver, crystal embedded design or pearl beaded style to best match your Quince dress. App

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