Which tiara?

What kind of tiara suits you best?

For your quinceañera, you will have many options when choosing a tiara. Perhaps too many options!

It is believed that the origin of tiaras derives from Ancient Egypt, where crowns were placed on mummies for their entombment. Greek Gods wore “diadems” made of sacred foliage, and Persian kings wore tiaras to represent royalty and authority. For a Quinceañera crown that will leave your guests mesmerized, you can take inspiration from Egypt, Greece and Persia while paying homage to some of the civilizations that started it all.


Grecian Lust

Laurel or olive leaves typically adorned Greek crowns. The laurel leaves were given to winners of athletic and academia competitions and only high rulers used the olive leaves since they derive from the olive tree, which is sacred in Athena. To create a tiara of this caliber, look for a thin, silver tiara that is designed using floral and leaf details like the one found at Weddingandgems.co.uk. The leaves and floral details are reminiscent of the tiaras that Greek Goddesses wore and are great for a Greek-inspired Quince. You can also find some Grecian-inspired pieces that incorporate diamonds into the design.


Ensure you’re the pride of the party-wear a tiara with many jewels!

Persian Rubies
As in a Quinceañera celebration, where only the celebrated wear a tiara, only Persian kings were allowed to wear elaborate headpieces. And unlike Grecian pieces, the Persian tiara is much taller and uses numerous gems and stones. The Nur-Ul-Ain tiara, for example, is one of the most unique Persian crowns because it uses one of the largest pink diamonds in the world as its focal point. It also uses more than 300 precious stones varying in shades of pink, yellow and colorless. Crowndesigners.com offers a style that is inspired by the Nur-Ul-Ain tiara and uses varying tones of yellow, citrines and topaz. Your Persian-inspired Quince tiara can include the colors of your Quince dress or can use a variation of colors that will complement your main color scheme.

tiaraA Wonder of Ancient Egypt
But perhaps the most untraditional style of tiara for a Quince ensemble is the Ancient Egyptian-inspired headpiece. The Egyptian Queen headpiece, which was once worn by Cleopatra herself, is designed with a cascading and web-like design that curtains off to the sides of the head. You can find an appropriate Egyptian-inspired crown by searching for a style like the one at Tiaratown.com where elements of both traditional tiaras and those of Egyptian treasures are incorporated. You can opt for a gold, silver, crystal embedded design or pearl beaded style to best match your Quince dress.

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