Friday, December 19th 2014

Budget for quince party

Four Ways to Save on Your Quince

Save on your Quince by following these amazing and efficient party planning tips!



5 Secrets to Plan a Quince on a Budget… We Tell you How!

DIY projects are one of the #1 ways to save money!


Tips to Save Money and your Quince Party!

These small differences can make a big difference for your parents.

Plan a Quinceañera under $2,000

Because you don’t need to go broke to celebrate such a special occasion!



Preparing a Quinceañera Budget you can Afford

The size of the budget directly reflects all decisions relating to the celebration. Plan a budget for each expense.

These 4 Gigs Will Get you Extra Money for Your Quince

Help your parents out with the cost of your fiesta, any extra income is more than welcome!

Six Ways to Save Money Without Losing Elegance

One of the typical mistake is planning a party without a set budget.