Quince Accessories and its Significance

Adairis Moreno

Know the meaning behind your Quince accessories and flaunt each on your special day.

The accessories you wear for your Quinceañera are not just for show, they represent something important and you must comprehend the meaning behind each to better understand how special is your Quince celebration, a day that marks the beginning of a new phase in your life.

Those worn differ from the ones used at the mass. This time we would only discuss the Quince accessories of your party, those generally chosen by you or given to you as a gift.

Quinceanera Accessory Tiara

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Quinceanera Tiara

It represents royalty and it symbolizes that you are the princess of your family in the eyes of God. Your mom or godmother should help you put on your tiara, before leaving the house or just as the party is starting. As a princess you must follow certain norms such as being kind, courteous, honest, nice and honest.


High heel shoes

It symbolizes becoming a woman. Your dad, older brother or any other male family figure changes your sandals to high heel shoes, and then you’re ready to dance your first ballad as an adult woman.

Quinceanera Accessory Last Doll

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Make the last toy part of your Quince accessories

One of the most beautiful acts when the Quinceañera receives a last doll from her parents, representing the last toy received. Turning fifteen means new responsibilities and mature interests, hence toys should be left behind.

Locket and jewelry

Whether it is your rings, earrings, a locket or any piece of jewelry give to you by your mom right after the change of shoes ceremony; it is the symbol of the purest form of love, the unconditional love and support from your parents.

There are many different Quince accessories traditions all over Latin America, these are only a few. If your family practices these you can continue the tradition or adopt new ones to make your Quince a memorable celebration.

Keep in mind the accessories you choose for your Quince mean more than just ornaments for your outfit.

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