How to Properly Choose a Quinceanera Tiara
How to Properly Choose a Quinceanera Tiara

How to Properly Choose a Quinceanera Tiara

A quinceanera celebration may be inspiration for you to wear a tiara.

 From the basic tiaras to full-blown pageant crowns, your choice of a quinceanera tiara will reveal your personality more than you think!


  • Tiara crowns

Tiara crowns offer a beautiful look from any angle. Front, side or back, the tiara crown has been the traditional quince tiara for generations.

This type of tiara says you’re ok with going traditional for the night. Not too simple or over the top dramatic, the tiara crown tells your guests that you’re playing it safe and going with the traditional quinceañera tiara.

  • Tiara Headbands

Tiara headbands are a simpler way of displaying elegance. These versatile headbands work with both an updo or flowing hair, and can be molded into a small tiara if need be.

This type of tiara says that you appreciate options. It says that you may not know what Quinceanera hairstyleyou’ll wear on your special day, but that you’d like the options of wearing your hair in various ways without becoming enslaved by your tiara. The tiara headband will let the quinceanera guests know that you’re not afraid to try new things.

  • Personalized Tiaras

Personalized tiara crowns with your initials or name as part of the design.

If for a second there was a doubt as to whose party your guests just attended, all they need to do is look at your tiara for a reminder. This personalized tiara won’t allow your guests to leave without knowing who the princess of the night is. With either your initials or entire name on it, the tiara (and your name) will stay engraved in the memory of your guests for years to come.

  • Pageant crowns

Traditionally used for pageants, pageant crowns are large (and tall) crowns that are made elaborately on purpose in order to be viewed from afar.

If your guests didn’t know that it’s all about you, they surely got the picture with your flamboyant pageant crown. Far from the traditional tiara or simple headband, the pageant crown screams, “it’s all about me!” If you can handle the weight of a pageant crown for a daylong event, then you just might deserve the attention that will come with the crown. Pageant crowns say that you have a high self-esteem and love to be in the limelight.

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