How to Prepare your Hair for your Quinceañera
How to Prepare your Hair for your Quinceañera

How to Prepare your Hair for your Quinceañera

To show off an enviable hairstyle at your party you have to start taking care of it before. Marcos Carrasquillo, L’Oreal Paris ambassador and celebrity hair stylist tells you how.

We asked Marcos Carrasquillo  how to avoid such undesirable surprises on your big day. Directly from his famous Qiu Salon in Miami, the Puerto Rican stylist sent us some tips so that your hair is not envious of the stars.

Here are some things you should not do with your hair before your Quinceañera:

Dyeing your hair the day of the party

The problem is that if you don’t like it, there is not much you can do and your discomfort will be reflected at your party, and of course, in the photographs too. This is a mistake that many girls make when they want to get a new look, and then, can end up dissatisfied the day of their quinceañera.


Getting a hairstyle without having a test before

What happens is that sometimes girls just come to the salon and ask the stylist to do whatever they want for their hairstyle. Later, they leave dissatisfied because they are not comfortable with the the results. They end up washing their hair and going to the party without any styling. Visit the salon in advance and try several options until you find the best haistyle for you.

Not taking the dress and the accessories to the hairstyle test

A stylist can’t do a good job if he doesn’t know what type of neckline your dress has and the accessories that you are going to wear, whether earrings, crown or some kind of headdress. The professional needs all these elements to get a real idea of your special day and make you happy.

Cutting your hair just before your quinceañera

The only thing that Quinceañeras should do that day is their Quinceañera hairstyle and makeup. Don’t get a haircut the same day or the day before your party. If it’s a last minute cut, the hair will not have the same fall or movement. It’s best to clean it up three weeks in advance to make it look to its full potential.


Apply a keratin treatment a week earlier

This advice is especially important for girls who have started to dye their hair, since it surely will be a bit mistreated. The keratin treatment will leave your hair silky and also give you a layer of protection against the enemy number one of girls: the dreaded ‘freeze’. To keep it at bay, Marcos recommends one of his favorite products, hairstyle Advanced Weather Control Lock It Hairspray L’Oreal Paris.

Moisturize your hair with a good shampoo, conditioner and mask

Do it the day before your party if your hair is dry and the same day if it tends to be oily,  use Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 from L’Oréal Paris. Ask your stylist for the product that best suits your hair.

Make any drastic color changes with two months in advance

Adapting to a new color in your hair does not happen from one day to the other. Therefore, it is necessary to plan ahead and take a few pictures, which is the ultimate test of fire to see if you like it or not. The same applies to haircuts.

Choose a youthful hairstyle

The new trend is to carry your hair with soft waves, braids and natural styles to enhance your romantic side, the simpler your hairstyle the better. Your dress will do the rest.


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