10 Holiday Decorations for your Quinceañera
10 Holiday Decorations for your Quinceañera

10 Holiday Decorations for your Quinceañera

Before you put all your holiday decorations back in their boxes consider some to style up your Winter  Quinceañera!

Depending on the theme you’re going for, some of these items might come in pretty handy and save you some bucks, take a look:

1) Candles

candle Candle

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Use various small white and/or red candles to decorate your guests’ tables or place big ones as centerpieces. Ideal for a Parisian Theme Quinceañera.

2) Red bows

A Quinceanera themed image featuring a ribbon Christmas decoration and a red bow on a white surface

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Those huge red bows decorating your tree or your door could serve as gorgeous covers for chairs. Perfect for a Masquerade Quinceañera.

3) Christmas Lights

Quinceanera image: light Cotton Ball Lights, a blacklight party with neon decorations and balloons

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Set the mood at your party with a string of white Christmas lights. Create artistic shapes by combining your Quince colors. Could work for a Romantic Winter Quince.

4) Garlands

Give that glamour feel to your venue by placing some silver garlands around your main and gifts table. Ideal for a Vintage Quinceañera.

pre lit garland Garland

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5) Tree Ornaments

Hang purple, yellow and green ornaments around your venue or strategically place them on your guests’ tables. Perfect for a Mardi Gras Quinceañera.

christmas ornament Christmas Ornament

6) Popsicle Snowflakes

Quinceanera theme image: A popsicle stick snowflake ornament hanging from a string

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If you took the time to make DIY Holiday projects, you might as well save them for your Quinceañera. These could work for a Winter Wonderland


7) Leftover Bottles

Glass bottle, three wine bottles decorated with gold and white designs for Quinceanera

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Grab and ask for leftover wine bottles. Add a bit of glitter to either the top or the bottom part and you’ve got fabulous centerpieces and perhaps even party favors! Ideal for a Hollywood Theme Quinceañera.

8) Holiday Gifts

A table topped with lots of different types of boxes for Quinceanera product design

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Having a Nutcracker Quinceañera? Save your gifts boxes and leftover wrapping paper, rewrap some and place them as decoration at your venue.

9) Peppermint Candy

A festive Quinceanera wreath consisting of a red and white Christmas wreath on a kitchen counter

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Don’t let those delicious peppermint candy and canes go to waste. Don’t eat them just save them for your Candyland Quinceañera!

10) Wreath

A Quinceanera-themed wreath Christmas decoration hanging on a black door, featuring a pink wreath.

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These are amazing decorating pieces. All you must do to re-use it is: wrap something around it. Perfect for a Shabby Chic Quinceañera.

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