10 Perfect Arcs and Garlands for your Quince Décor
10 Perfect Arcs and Garlands for your Quince Décor

10 Perfect Arcs and Garlands for your Quince Décor

A common piece of décor that can’t be left out are arcs and/or garlands.

Not only are they the perfect place for you and your guests to take selfies, they also transform any fiesta into a modern galleria!

There’s a variety of different arcs and garlands that can be styled to fit your color scheme and even your Quince theme! Point is, if there’s something you’re missing when choosing your Quinceañera décor, it might be an arc or garland that will make everything pop.

Take a look at all the different styles you can adopt and make your very own.

Balloon Garland

DIY it or have a professional style it with different colors and sizes of balloons that best fit your party.

Ring Garland

Also known as giant wreaths, rent a giant ring and decorate it with flowers. It’s great for décor, maybe not so much as a swing…

A woman in a Quinceanera dress standing in front of a floral wall, surrounded by Quinceanera decorations

Set by: Dee Lee Designs
Dress: Moda 2000
Hair and Makeup: Sexy Makeup Studio

Floral Arch

We all know, flowers make a huge difference at any place. Not only does it fill us with life, flowers also look extremely gorgeous, especially if embellished into a masterpiece. Place it as a backdrop for your head table to stand out, include it as part of your dessert table, or simply use it as an adorned spot for a photobooth.

Half Cascade Arc

Take your dessert table to another level and accessorize it with a half-cascade arc! We promise you your guests will be in ‘awe’ once they take a look at how gorgeous this looks put together.

Floral + Balloon Garland

There’s nothing as beautiful as a balloon garland enhanced with beautiful flowers. They complement each other so much, we can’t get over how pretty they look together.

Paper Flowers and Balloon Garland

If you haven’t learned how to make paper flowers, your Quince is the best time to do so! Paper flowers are such cute accessories that may be added anywhere, including in your balloon garland. Needless to say, learn now and incorporate it as part of your Quince decoration.

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