Quinceañera Dessert Table Ideas
Quinceañera Dessert Table Ideas

Quinceañera Dessert Table Ideas

Whether you’re having a big or a private Quinceañera celebration, it is now accustomed to have a gorgeously decorated dessert table.

This table can display your Quince cake plus other sweet treats for your guests to munch on, or buffet-style  XV dessert options for the little ones to bite on.

dessert table

Ironically, little does it matter what you serve but how you decorate and style it!

Take a look at these amazing Pinterest Dessert Tables that will blow your guests’ away and will for sure be photographed by many!

Masquerade Quinceañera Dessert Table 


Click on the image for original photo!

For a Shabby Chic Quince

A Quinceanera dessert table with a cake covered in pink and gold

Via Instagram: @pattycakestastybakes

Peacock-Inspired Quinceañera Dessert Table


Gorgeous, elegant and delicious!

For a Cinderella XV


The perfect “princess-like” dessert table for a girl like you!

Pastel Quinceañera Dessert Table

For an Under the Sea XV

Consider these delicious food items as Quinceañera dessert table ideas:

– Cookies
– Cupcakes
– Donuts
– Cake pops
– Macaroons
– Marshmallows
– Chocolates
– Regular candy
– Chopped fruit
– A chocolate fountain
– Cereal
– Frozen yogurt
– Pretzels
– Nachos with cheese (Yummy!)

A group of three cell phones sitting next to each other showcasing a Quinceañera dress creation.

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