10 Unique Decor Ideas you Must Consider for your Quince!
10 Unique Decor Ideas you Must Consider for your Quince!

10 Unique Decor Ideas you Must Consider for your Quince!

The Quinceanera.com Expo & Fashion Show Bakersfield on Sunday, April 12, 2015 was a huge success thanks to all of the incredible vendors, the fashion show by Maria’s Bridal, and of course, the excited quinceañeras and their families!

Check out these 10 breathtaking decor ideas from the expo and get ready to have an unforgettable quinceañera that’ll have everyone talking about it for days to come:

1. The Grand Entrance: This is super important! Just like the invitations will give a sneak peek of the grand event, the entrance will give your guests a glimpse of what they’re about to encounter. So make it big and memorable just like this!

Decor Ideas

2. Photo Cut Out: Depending on your theme, you may want to consider a cut out to make your guests feel like they are part of something wonderful! What we love about this idea is the fact that your guests can have fun taking pictures and save them forever or post them onto social media, letting your friends who couldn’t attend know how much fun they missed!

A Quinceanera celebration in a function hall party. The room is filled with lots of tables covered in paper butterflies.

3. Centerpieces: Your centerpieces will be key to make your venue space pop! Adding crystals, candles, and LED lights will definitely take your guest’s breath away. Being creative while adding a touch of your personality are key to make them extra special!

Decor 10

4. Your Pics: Everyone is at your Quinceañera for one reason: to celebrate you! You’re the highlight of the party so placing your photo shoot pics around the venue is a must.

Decor 6

5. Fairy Godmother: Hiring special talent to make your theme more visible will make your party stand out from the rest! If your theme is Cinderella, a Fairy God Mother would be perfect! If your budget does not permit it, ask one of your little cousins or besties to do you the grand favor of portraying that special character. Every girl likes to be transformed so chances are, you’ll get cheerful volunteers!

Decor 7

6. Photo Booth: There’s nothing more exciting than playing around with props and taking funny pics! Photo booths have recently been a popular addition to Quince parties and we can all see why.

Decor 8

7. The Queen’s Throne: Everyone wants to feel super important, especially on a special day such as your Quinceañera. A queen’s throne is just what you need to impress your guests! We guarantee your friends will be talking about it for days to come.

Decor 9

Decor 12

8. Up-lighting: The lighting in the room makes a huge difference because it helps set the mood and works as additional decor. Place magenta or blue up-lighting in places such as under the tables to spice up the venue space!

Decor 11

9. The Runway: Imagine presenting yourself on the runway and having all eyes on you. That’s what you call a once in a lifetime experience!

Decor 3

10. Unique Ornaments: Centerpieces are a must to decorate each table but taking the extra step and placing extravagant decor such as the Eiffel Tower around the venue is jaw dropping! Highlight your theme by thinking outside of the box to decorate your venue.

Decor 5

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