5 Things to Add to your XV Centerpieces to Make them Pop!
5 Things to Add to your XV Centerpieces to Make them Pop!

5 Things to Add to your XV Centerpieces to Make them Pop!

Feather Centerpieces

Without a doubt, you’ll enjoy your party and the memories will last forever! In the meantime, your guests will be remembering every last detail of your party from start to finish. And every little detail counts, even your centerpieces!

Transform your centerpieces from blah to awe by adding just a couple of finishing touches!

1. Feathers

Nothing screams trendy than adding feathers to your centerpieces! We love the feel of soft & light feathers, which are perfect especially if you’re having a peacock themed XV! You know what makes this idea even better? Feathers are cheap! So if you’re on a tight budget, definitely consider this option.


Thinking Princess?

Feather Centerpieces

If one feather is not enough, go all out like this!

2. Crystals

Bring the bling! If luxury is what you’re looking for, crystals are just what you need! Hang them around your centerpieces for a royal feel, the ideal choice for any theme. Place candles on the sides of the beautiful centerpieces to give your guests the WOW factor!


3. Long or Short Bases?

The answer to this question depends on the experience you want your guests to endure. Long bases usually stand out more, but can also be much more expensive. If your budget does not permit for long bases, short bases can be just as sweet if you add the right materials. Remember that some of your guests will want to speak to the person across from them, so long bases may not be the best option. That’s where short or skinny bases come into play!


Skinny vases will make it easier for your guests to interact with each other!

4. Natural Flowers

If someone were to give you flowers for your birthday, would you prefer fresh or artificial flowers? Natural flowers make all the difference! Feel their fresh aroma and see the pops of color the moment you first step into the venue. Keep in mind that certain flowers are only available during certain times of the year. If the flower is not in season, the cost will rise!


Loving every last detail of this princess inspired centerpiece!

5. LED Lights

Some venues will not permit the use of candles to set the romantic tone for your Quince, bummer! The solution to this problem is simple: LED lights! These will illuminate your venue just enough to set the right party mood. Combine this option with uplighting inside the venue, and you have the grand ballroom all set for your guests to finally celebrate!


Doesn’t the lighting make the difference?

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