25 Super Pretty Ways to Decorate Your Reception Chairs
25 Super Pretty Ways to Decorate Your Reception Chairs

25 Super Pretty Ways to Decorate Your Reception Chairs

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 Quinceañeras are starting to customize additional elements of their party. One of the most recent trends is decorating the reception chairs, especially if they’re chiavari. It’s a brilliant way to draw attention to your main table.

25 ways to decorate reception chairs

If you choose to apply this trend to your guest chairs, just make sure to balance it out with your table decor so it doesn’t look overwhelming.

chair covers

Skip the traditional satin bow tied around white chair covers and opt in for one of these glam decoration ideas for your reception chairs!

Floral Decor

Flowers are a natural beauty and can be used to transform anything in your reception – including your reception chairs! This is the best idea for quinceañeras who decide a Spring or Vintage theme.

Anyone can agree that the cutest girly attire are tutus! We guarantee they’ll be creating a lot of attention among your guests if you tie them to your chairs.


tutu 1

Classic Bows with a Special Twist

Transform the classic satin bow to a whole other level by adding sequins or tying the knot differently. Explore the following ideas:

Stylish Brooches

Brooches work well when you decide a certain theme, such as under the sea, and add a certain element to your chairs. Buy a pack of brooches and a roll of tulle for cheap and get your crafty on!

Floor Length Swag

Add some swag to your reception chairs by adding a decorative tail with beautiful thematic colors.

Vintage Beads

If the ideas that we’ve mentioned are too extravagant for your taste, then incorporate beads such as pearls. Go to your nearest dollar store and purchase loads of beads and ribbon to recreate this vintage look!

chair 1

Ombre, Not Just For Hair

Bling is not for you? We love the way ombre will add a subtle touch of elegance to your chairs!


Dazzling Metallic Covers

The easiest option is using metallic covers because all you have to do is slip them on, and you’re all set to get the party started! Get these on Etsy.com, they are available in metallic silver, white, gold, and pink.

metallic chair

Hanging Ribbon

Visit an arts & crafts store and purchase ribbon of 4-5 different matching styles. Cut each piece in equal lengths and tie them to your chairs. It’s the most tedious project to complete, but the effect is amazing! Your guests will notice the hard work you put into your chairs without a doubt.

hanging ribbon

string chair

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