How to Decorate Your Quinceañera Reception Tables
How to Decorate Your Quinceañera Reception Tables

How to Decorate Your Quinceañera Reception Tables

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera decorations and themes. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera Decorations and Themes. It's your go-to resource for everything decor related!

Does your venue have high ceilings and tall windows or is it an outside space? Are you arranging round tables or square tables?

These are some of the questions you will need to answer first before deciding the best decor for your quinceañera reception tables.
Let’s start with the basic rules!

Round Table Decorating

We love round tables because it goes with any reception space and it’s a classic choice! Plus it will be way easier for your guests to speak to the person sitting across. Mix the sizes of your tables for a unique touch. Here are some helpful tips if you decide to set up round tables:

  • Arrange centerpieces in threes: Group three arrangements of similar colors and styles in the middle of the table.
  • Avoid too much white: Too much white will bore your guests and will make your reception look like a local restaurant instead of a fancy gathering. A little pop of color and metallic decor carefully dispersed will give you the right amount of excitement.
  • Don’t be afraid of shapes: You might be tempted to use circles on everything else. You already have a round table so why not mix it up by introducing rectangles and squares on top of your plates.
  • Invite a pattern: Use your fashion sense to help you out with this tip! Linens with damask, floral designs, stripes, or polka dots will make your tables stand out.

Quinceanera function hall Centrepiece, a table set up for a Quinceanera reception

A beautifully decorated Quinceanera table set for a formal event with a water feature in the background

Function hall table set up for a Quinceanera reception

A table set up for a Quinceanera reception in a courtyard

Via Instagram: @stephanieslinens

Square Table Decorating

There are plenty of ways to make your party different from others and one includes choosing square tables over round tables. If your quinceañera is an outdoor event, then you definitely need square tables. The trick is to set them up at angles rather then lining them up in a straight line. Here are some helpful tips if you decide to set up square tables: 

  • Use circles: Square tables need round accents as decor to give them an elegant touch. Hanging round paper lanterns from the ceiling will perfectly adorn the space.
  • Invite a pop of color: This can be easily done on the seat cushion. Try adding bold tones like hot pink, lime green, yellow, etc. Make sure to place an even number of chairs on all sides of your tables.
  • Upscale your tables: Dress your tables with floor length linens to avoid looking like a casual birthday party.

A Quinceanera function hall table with a long dining table adorned with candles and flowers

Quinceanera centrepiece Table, a long table with a bunch of flowers on it

Via Instagram: @theglowerboutiqueinc

Eating Utensils & Plates

You can also customize the color of the plates and utensils according to your theme. Since silver utensils are more common, gold utensils will add a touch of unique elegance. Play around with the color of your plates but you can never go wrong with white ceramic. Having glass cups rather than plastic will also upscale your table decor but may be a more expensive option.

utensil color

High or Low Centerpieces

Break long and narrow tables with high centerpieces or candles. With lower centerpieces, it’ll be easier for your guests to interact with the person across from them and watch all the excitement on the dance floor. To cut down costs on your centerpieces, you can use mason jars and cheaper flowers or materials like candles and balloons. Using more fillers (dry branches, bigger blooms, baby breath, etc.) will also help keep the costs low.

Quinceanera: Three mason jars with flowers in them on a table, DG Tower Mason jar A spring themed Quinceanera with a floral design featuring a vase filled with baby's breath flowers on a table
Quinceañera Reception Tables A Quinceanera-themed table centerpiece featuring a long table decorated with branches and a vase filled with flowers
A photograph of a Quinceanera floral design. The table is topped with a vase filled with white and pink flowers. Quinceanera, a birdcage centerpiece idea with flowers and a picture frame
Quinceanera centerpieces with flowers. A table with a bunch of flowers on it. Quinceanera celebration with a room filled with lots of tables covered in blue balloons
Quinceanera table decor with three candles Elegant DIY purple centerpiece table with three wine glasses filled with purple flowers and candles



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