A Dreamy Cinderella: Quince Decorations and Accessories
A Dreamy Cinderella: Quince Decorations and Accessories

A Dreamy Cinderella: Quince Decorations and Accessories

Are you looking for a fairy-tale quinceañera? Add some “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo,” and some whimsical details. Put it all together and you will have your fairytale quinceañera dream come true!

Growing up, Cinderella was perhaps the most iconic Disney princess story of all the fairytales. It is a story of rags to riches and a happily ever after.

Consider some of these magical elements to your dreamy quinceañera!

Glass Slipper 

A pair of high heeled shoes with butterflies flying out of them, inspired by Cinderella and Christian Louboutin, perfect for a Quinceañera

Cinderella Heels by Christian Louboutin

No Cinderella story could be complete without the classical glass slipper. Check out this pair of modern Cinderella slippers, by the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin, who paired up with Disney during the release of the diamond edition of Cinderella. This shoe was a lace reinterpretation of Cinderella‘s glass slipper, adorned with Swarovski-crystals. He added the butterfly detail to represent the delicate creatures that landed on her feet as she did her chores. Truly a “fairytale” shoe dream come true for your quinceañera day!

Cinderella Inspired Tiaras

Did you know that for centuries princesses have worn tiaras as a way of displaying their social status? Check out these different breathtaking tiaras that we found as options to wear as a headpiece on your special day. In order to dress like a princess, you must embrace your hair jewelry and adornments. Always remember to keep it timeless, classic, and regal!

Princess Cakes

Cakes and desserts are a gorgeous focal point at any quinceañera. Look at the detail of these different beautiful Cinderella cakes.

Did you know that there are benefits to eating your princess cake?

According to fitday.com, eating cake can give you carbohydrates for energy, fats for warmth, and proteins for body-building! Apples are high in fiber and great for digestion.  As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”


Quinceañera in a blue dress sitting in a white carriage with a Cinderella theme

Quinceanera.com Photoshoot. Carriage: @the_royal_throne

Ride in style to your royal ball. After all, Cinderella rode in on a carriage! Look at this distressed vintage carriage prop by The Royal Throne. Not only do you have a gorgeous prop for your pictures, but this ride in will also make your quinceañera the most talked about quinceañera of the year. Leave a lasting impression on guests for years to come!

 Finishing Touches

A Quinceanera party with a Cinderella theme. A gold carriage with flowers in it on a table.

Centerpiece by: Elle’s Floral Designs.

What’s a party without classic details of your theme? As a host at your quinceañera, your centerpieces attract, impress, and appeal to your guests. Centerpieces are a classic and timeless detail that every table must-have. These beauties are the focal point of every banquet table. Check out these charming carriage centerpieces by Elle’s Floral Designs

There are no rules on what your dream day should look like. Make sure to implement any of your favorite accents whether they are silver or gold. A Cinderella themed Quinceañera goes with either or! 

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