An Utterly Ridiculous Hello Kitty Quinceañera
An Utterly Ridiculous Hello Kitty Quinceañera

An Utterly Ridiculous Hello Kitty Quinceañera

There are some trendswe just shouldn’t follow.

But we do anyway…

A Quinceañera cake with hello kitty shoes on top of it

It’s not until TBT’s when we completely regret following the crowd and now have embarrassing pictures to look back at.

Let’s not stop with the scenarios though, imagine you were a victim of using the wrong trend at the wrong time… like at your Quinceañera!!!

The only benefit from those embarrassing pictures is the glow up that follows, LOL.

There’s no going back from that one now that you have a whole album, including your quince video.

Well, before you take a look at these following images, let’s make it clear.

A Hello Kitty theme isn’t all that bad, the way they incorporate these Hello Kitty designs is what’s bad.


Not only should you choose your quince theme wisely but make sure it won’t be anything you’ll be remorseful about years from now.

You want to be able to show off your quinceañera photos, not hide them away somewhere in your closet!

The point of making your quinceañera dream come true and spending all that money for everything you need to make it happen. It is to embrace your fifteen birthday, not hide it all away due to a theme choice you can end up despising.

A group of three cell phones sitting next to each other showcasing a Quinceañera dress creation.

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