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Bring your A game with Quinceanera Flowers

Grecia Hernandez


Nowadays, we don’t only use flowers for bouquets and centerpieces; the party planning industry has welcome them as trendy elements and props for almost any theme and celebration.

A game flowers

Take a look at these Quinceanera Flowers ideas and consider including them as part of your Quince décor:


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A Beautiful Flower Backdrop

It was actually Kim Kardashian who made this a trend when she married Kanye West. Ever since then, people have been hiring party decoration experts or have used Pinterest and YouTube as DIY tutorials resources to create it themselves. Consider it for your own Quinceanera photography shoot and/or to be placed at the entrance of your venue for your guests to snap their pics; leave cool thematic props for them to use and place a sign nearby letting them know your Quinceanera’s hashtag.


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A flirtatious flowers curtain

If the hippie style is more your cup of tea, opt for a boho-chic garland curtain made out of your favorite flowers matching your Quinceanera colors. There are several ways to hang flowers in order to create a curtain illusion. You can use cotton strings, a fishing line or you can grab an actual curtain and decorate just the outline with petals. So chic!


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Cute ‘baby breath’ combinations

Flowers can get expensive and take up more than the planned-out budget. A great saving tip that will also make for gorgeously cute centerpieces is to add baby breath. Select your favorite flower, and then consider the following:


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  • If using for bouquets, pick two per dama and add baby breath around it.
  • If using for centerpieces pick four per arrangement, per table and add baby breath around it.

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Tall, Round & Elegant

This type of centerpiece has been gaining popularity within the last six months. Although they are expensive-looking there are ways to make them fit your Quinceanera budget such as:

  • Create them solely of baby breath, just be extra careful as they are extremely tender and could fall off if handled roughly
  • Get styro foam balls and pin natural petals, fabric or paper flowers

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Gorgeous Gigantic Flowers as Props

Another cute and cool idea to include flowers in your Quinceanera is to have them as props for your professional photoshoot as well as selfies with your friends. You could create them yourself with the help of a DIY tutorial or you can purchase them online at

Visit and learn how to create that gorgeous “Hello Beautiful” wall!


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