Ice Ice Baby. Amazing Ice Sculptures for a Unique Quinceañera Party
Ice Ice Baby. Amazing Ice Sculptures for a Unique Quinceañera Party

Ice Ice Baby. Amazing Ice Sculptures for a Unique Quinceañera Party

Nothing screams “hot!” like having ice sculptures at your Quince, so if you’re certain about getting one, good call! The right ice display brings that WOW factor that you’re looking for on that special day.

And compared to other sorts of Quinceañera receptions, an ice sculpture will give it that exact distinctive factor that’ll make your Quinceañera memorable.


If we talk about the decoration, ice sculptures are perfect to boost your Quinceañera!

They can go perfectly well with any theme you’re thinking of. Actually, depending on the style, they can add a classic touch; likewise, you can choose a bolder and more fun design. You know, like adding some colored lighting that will make it look even more amazing. Oh well… you just can’t go wrong.

To give you a sneak peak of how amazing ice sculptures can be, here are some decorative ideas that you can incorporate into your Quinceañera.

Buffet table:

When used for the buffet table, ice sculptures can be shaped to add opulence to the décor or as food containers as well. A bowl-shaped block of ice can hold salad greens fresh throughout your reception, but an even more extravagant design would be a clam-shaped ice sculpture used to hold fresh seafood for your guests.


Ice Sculptures created by Ice King Creations

Decorating the bar! 

An ice luge is one of the favorite ice sculptures around. This option is a large block of ice with a narrow channel carved through it, which is used to cool a beverage for drinking. Although these are ideal for the 21+ bar, it can also be used to present non-alcoholic liquids such as punch, juice or fresh water for your guests.


Ice Sculptures created by Ice King Creations

Personalizing your Quince theme:

Aside from choosing a design that supports your Quinceañera theme, you can also personalize an ice sculpture by having the ice tainted to match your decorations, or requesting a light box with the color of your choice to illuminate the sculpture from underneath.

Another option is to request to have flowers, seashells, fruit, golf balls or other small objects frozen into the sculpture to support your theme.

A Quinceanera gown with an ice sculpture and a doll in a glass frame

Via Instagram: @edible360

Quince centerpieces:

To add even more excitement, you can also consider the idea of having ice sculptures for your Quinceañera centerpieces. An ice sculpture, no matter how small it may be, will always leave a big impression on your guests. You can go for a large centerpiece that lend a lavish look and will be the focal point of all attention, or a smaller one with more intricate carvings, that is subtle and classy.

Now, the real deal: the money!

Be prepared to pay for the cost of man-hours plus the art skill that goes behind each design. A basic sculpture can cost around $200 and take only a few hours to make. But larger sculptures, such as bars and luges, can cost in the thousands and require ordering days—if not months, in advance.


Here are some options for ice sculptures: 

Edible 360- (909)421-2100

LA Ice Art – (310) 670-1444, LAIceart.com

Carving Ice – (714) 224 – 1455, CarvingIce.com

Featured image is property of Dee Lee Designs. Ice sculptures are made by Edible 360. 

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