Ideas for a Butterfly Quinceañera Party
Ideas for a Butterfly Quinceañera Party

Ideas for a Butterfly Quinceañera Party

If you happen to be a fan of butterflies, your quinceañera celebration is the perfect excuse to adapt your passion for these beautiful insects into an amazing quinceañera themed party.

The key is to not go overboard with your theme. Mix butterflies with your favorite two colors and create a natural ambiance throughout the venue. Make sure to include an appropriate quantity of butterflies; the combination of the colors with these will make the whole butterfly theme flow.


Follow these great ideas and create your very own butterfly quinceañera party!

Butterfly Centerpieces

Depending on the theme you would like to incorporate with your butterfly concept you can easily adjust your centerpieces! From an elegant Parisian theme to an enchanted forest celebration, choose designs that best fit your Quince concept!


Butterfly Cake

For a butterfly quinceañera party, you can add edible or decorative butterflies to a one-tone somewhat plain cake. Overdoing your cake with a bunch of colors and butterflies with different designs will make it less elegant. Remember, less is always more! No need to order a gigantic butterfly quinceañera cake, keep it simple and make sure the colors flow with the type of butterflies you end up choosing.


Butterfly Party Favors

Anything edible will be worth spending since your guests will sure put them to test. Most guests don’t even consider using the party favors offered at a party. Although it might be the cutest key chain, we doubt your primo will carry a key chain with your picture on it. Hence, the importance of choosing something everyone can use or eat. Sweet treats in the shape of butterflies are an excellent choice! Not only can they serve as party favors, but also they can decorate your table while your guests arrive.


Butterfly Accessories

Top it all off by wearing a gorgeous butterfly hair accessory or pendant. Wearing your theme does not necessarily mean you must personalize a pair of butterfly wings and attached them to your quinceañera dress. As long as you keep the color coordination flowing, adding small thematic pieces will do the trick. Another way to incorporate the butterfly into your quinceañera outfit is wearing butterfly wings!



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