Quince Backdrops by Grace: Why You Should Hire a Pro

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Besides the popular photo booth and a turned up dance floor, decorated Quince backdrops seems to be a trend nowadays. 

According to satisfying results from the directory, Flower Backdrops by Grace has made a great impression throughout the 15nera realm.

Grace’s Flower Backdrops not only provide an elegant and unique addition to Quince dessert tables, but also enhances the background on your photo booth pictures which will last you a lifetime.

We decided to sit down with the one and only “decor PRO” Grace, to get some tips on how to choose the best Quince backdrop for your event! 

Here is come of her gorgeous work pieces plus her professional advice:

What is your number one recommendation for choosing a Quinceanera backdrop?

I would highly recommend colors that match their dress!

Can Quinceaneras 2b use a customized backdrop for other things like the backdrop behind their candy or food buffet?

I have mostly done the backdrops for candy buffets but you can pretty much use them for any type of background!

Can your 3D flowers be reused for other projects such as room decorations or used on Quinceanera invitations?

After your Quinceanera, you can reuse them for bedroom or any more in your house hold!  The flowers will be too big to put onto invitations.

backdrop made of pink and rose paper flowers

Some girls choose to make their own Quinceanera backdrops do you recommend this as a cost-effective option or should you hire a professional?

To do the flowers its very time consuming plus you must have patience since there’s lots of cutting involved. I would highly recommend to hire a person who possesses these attributes.

Where can Q2b find inspiration in choosing the perfect backdrop for their Quinces?

They can simply go on my Facebook page FLOWER BACKDROPS BY GRACE and get different ideas as well as my Instagram account!

On top of all these fabulous tips, she is offering $100 off your first backdrop order if you mention you found her on

If you are interested in booking a consultation with Grace, you can find her on our directory.


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