Quinceañera Table Decorations: Mason Jar Edition
Quinceañera Table Decorations: Mason Jar Edition

Quinceañera Table Decorations: Mason Jar Edition

Besides your dress, venue, and food, your quinceañera table decorations are another expense that you’ll have to add onto your to-do-list and budget. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on centerpieces that you’ll end up using for one day, tackle a simple DIY project with your friends and save money!


All you need are mason jars and a bit of creativity to design the unique quinceañera table decorations. Ready to transform your mason jars into something your guests will totally adore?

1. Fairy Lights Mason Jars

Having an enchanted forest or glow in the dark quinceañera? Perfectly illuminate your venue without spending much with fairy lights' mason jars. Who would’ve known these amazing jars are super easy to make?!

mason jar fairy


-Clean mason jars

-Glow in the dark paint in several of your favorite colors

-Long & thin paint brush (es)

-Scratch paper

-Glow sticks

Step 1: Squeeze a liberal amount of paint from each color onto scratch paper.

glow in the dark paint

Step 2: It’s time to begin painting your jars with the glow in the dark paint! Start painting from the inside bottom, making dots of different sizes to make it look realistic. Try to use multiple paint brushes to keep yourself from mixing colors. If you only have one brush, it’s not the end of the world! You can always wash the brush in between each paint.  Repeat the process with each of your colors.

Step 3: Let it dry! Place your freshly decorated jars in a safe and dry place overnight. Or if you’re making this a day project, place them in direct sunlight instead. Just remember that the glow effect of the paint is activated after at least 1 hour of direct sunlight. So make sure you plan that before your quince fiesta begins. Carefully empty the contents of your glow stick into the jars (careful to not stain your clothes). Cover the jar with the lid and shake well. Take off the lid, turn off the lights and witness the incredible sight before your eyes!

2. Mason Jar Glitter Vase

Your tight budget is not allowing you to purchase the vases you need for your centerpieces? Not a problem! Grab some mason jars and put them into good use!

mason jar 3


-Clean mason jars

-Piece of cardboard

-Krylon Spray Paint in Gold

-Glossy Mudd Podge

-1″ Paint Brush


Step 1: Place your cardboard on a clean & dry surface. Turn your mason jar upside down and spray the surface with your gold spray paint. To avoid direct contact and the possibility of staining your clothes, stand 12 feet (3.66 m) away as you spray. Let it dry for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Step 2: Use your paint brush to brush some Mud Podge on the bottom portion of your jar (where you want the glitter). Sprinkle some glitter onto the brushed surface. Tip: Do it in sections, so your glue doesn’t dry out. That’s it!

 3. Childhood Memories in a Mason Jar!

Add a personalized and emotional touch to your centerpieces by including the cutest childhood pictures. It’s such an adorable and inexpensive idea for your quinceañera table decorations. We guarantee your guests will fall in love!

table decor


-Mason Jars

-Thin Branches (you can purchase them at your local arts & crafts store)


-Mod Podge

-Food Coloring


-Ramekins (small dishes to mix your colors)


Step 1: Mix your food coloring with a tablespoon of water in individual ramekins. Mix any colors to get the right color.

Step 2: Grab your bottle of Mod Podge and add a couple of tablespoons into your mason jar. Pour one ramekin of color into your mason jar and mix well.

Step 3: Carefully twist the mason jar around to get the mixture inside the mason jar onto the surfaces. Make sure you do this outside or have a plate underneath to avoid staining any objects. Pour excess mixture onto a bowl.

Step 4: Let it dry upside down on newspaper for 30 minutes. Then place your jars upside down on wax paper and cookie sheet. Place into the oven and set it on warm. Let it dry for 10 minutes and then flip your jars and dry for another 20–30 minutes.

Step 5: Now that you have your stained mason jars, it’s time to decorate them using your best childhood memories. Simply insert 4–5 branches. Hole punched the middle top of your pictures. Insert the piece of ribbon and tie onto the branches. It’s totally up to you the number of pictures you would like to display on each centerpiece.


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