Color Combinations for a Summer Quinceañera
Color Combinations for a Summer Quinceañera

Color Combinations for a Summer Quinceañera

With summer comes life- as flowers bloom and flourish, so will your quinceañera with these popular color combos. Tropical bright flowers and the ocean-inspired hues will add life to your quinceañera party!

The following color combinations are perfect for everyone who is celebrating a summer quinceañera!

Tangerine and Neon Pink

A festive summer color combination of orange and pink will create a tropical fun vibe at your party. Incorporate bright flowery centerpieces to your guests’ tables to liven up the venue!

Of course, finding a quinceañera dress featuring the vibrant hues of a sunset will complete the elegant look you’re going for.

Royal Blue and Bright Purple

Royal blue hues reminiscent and bright purple are the perfect color combination for anyone interested in a peacock-inspired quinceañera.

We found some amazing dresses from Quincedresses.com that also will fit with a peacock inspired quince, one of the most popular quinceañera themes for the summer.


Yellow and Gray

Cooler shades such as light yellow and gray are a more muted yet elegant color scheme for those looking for a more conservative quinceañera.

The formality and elegance of this color combo is anything but boring; in fact, it is perfect for quinceañeras interested in a more sophisticated event.


Tiffany Blue and Blush Pink

Pastel shades of blue remind us of the sea foam on the beach. A complementary color to this lovely sea foam blue is a blush pink, which make this color scheme perfect for an elegant Tiffany quinceañera theme or an under the sea theme.

Seaside blue and blush color schemes are the perfect combination for a classy girl!


Navy Blue and Gold

Royal sequins adorn your guests table and midnight blue shades entrance venue halls as guests enter, making your quinceañera perfect for a glitzy and glamourous event!

Make your big day shine as you show off your  fashion taste with this glamorous color combo for your quinceañera party!

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