5 Rules to Follow when Choosing your Damas Dresses
5 Rules to Follow when Choosing your Damas Dresses

5 Rules to Follow when Choosing your Damas Dresses

Being part of a Quinceañera court is definitely an honor!

Not only were each one of the damas carefully chosen, but they get to be part of an elite group of a super important celebration.

And just as they’re committing to you and your Quinceañera, you can pay it forward and get them to wear a dress almost as fabulous as yours.

Follow the next tips, and we guarantee you, most of your damas will be happy to be part of your court!

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5) Choose a trendy fabric or color

Take a look into upcoming trends before deciding on a particular dress. Look up Fall 2017 or Spring 2018 trends so you get a better graps on fashion in gowns. Turn your damas into trendsetter fashionistas!

4) Keep in mind that they don’t all have the same body type

Traditionally, mostly in wedding, the bride chooses a fabric and color and lets her bridesmaids choose the style. A princess cut might not favor all your damas’ figure; as long as you give them some rules such as keep your dresses at knee-length (You never want one of your damas to outshine your dress!) then perhaps the best would be for each girl to select their favorite style.

3) Give them at least 3 options to choose from

If leaving it up to them worries you, then have a democratic meeting where all of your damas, and you can vote for the 3 favorite styles and have them choose from your selection.

2) Ask for feedback

Even better! You select the fabric, color and style based on what they want. Before looking into trends and colors, ask your damas and create a list with their requests.

1) Get them an accessory!

Depending on how you arehandling your Quinceañera, your parents might choose to pay for your court’s dresses of your damas’ parents might have taken that responsibility. If the latter is your case, it’ll be nice to at least gift each one of your damas with a piece of jewelry to accessorize their whole garment.

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