Celebrity Inspired Dresses for your Quince Damas
Celebrity Inspired Dresses for your Quince Damas

Celebrity Inspired Dresses for your Quince Damas









Which one will better suit your fancy, Quince damas?

Hundreds of Awards ceremonies took place this year, this was the perfect opportunity for celebrities to flaunt the latest trends or showcase their unique style.

Take a look at our favorite dresses, they could work for your Quinceañera court and perhaps even to inspire your XV dress.

Above the knee Dresses 

Perfect for everyone, especially short quinceañeras and damas. The visual this type of dresses gives is that of extra-long legs.


Chrissy Teigen at the MTV Movie Awards


Audrey Whitby at Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards


Jennifer Lopez at the Teen Choice Awards

Knee-Length Dresses

This length leaves your legs appearing shorter than they really are, so it is best to be avoided by the shorties and preferably worn by tall Quince girls.


Christina Applegate at the Critics’ Choice Awards


Julianne Hough at the People’s Choice Awards


Taissa Farmiga at the Golden Globes

Long Flowy Dresses for your Quince Damas

Focus on the top part of the dress, and the rest would be an A-line skirt. Leave halters to toned shoulders and go for an empire waist to seem curvier.


Lupita Nyongo at the Academy Awards


Melissa Rauch at the Golden Globes


Aubrey Plaza at the Golden Globes

Midi Dresses

There is something instantly classy about midi dresses! The best part is that they come in different styles fitting almost every type of body.


Ariana Grande at the Grammy Awards


Jillian Rose Reed at the People’s Choice Awards


Kylie Minogue at the GLAAD Awards


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