Four Tips to Make Sure your Chambelan Looks Amazing
Four Tips to Make Sure your Chambelan Looks Amazing

Four Tips to Make Sure your Chambelan Looks Amazing

Choosing the right outfit for your chambelan is definitely not an easy task! There are too many options available such as suits, tuxedos, ties, bow ties, collar styles, etc.

A man in a tuxedo suit standing with his hands in his pockets at a Quinceanera celebration

Here is a quick guide to ensure your chambelan looks amazing! 

Tie options:

  • Pre-tied bow ties are the most common and really easy to wear.
  • Actual bow ties are hard to make but show a lot of class.
  • Black ties achieve a casual look. Perfect for the layback chambelan.

Collar styles:

  • Laydown collar style, while not the trendiest of styles, it gives a great look. It’s incredibly popular right now and generally comes with studs and cufflinks of silver or gold.
  • Wingtip collar style is worn with a bow tie that is enhanced by the wingtip collar and is the most popular among the tuxedo shirt styles. This style is perfect for a quinceañera celebration because of its sophistication.
  • Mandarin collar style combines the elements of a traditional, classic-style dress with a new, more modern flair. Thiscontemporary style of tuxedo shirt is a favorite among the younger gentlemen. Also, guys who hate to wear ties can rejoice in the fact that the mandarin collar tuxedo shirt doesn’t require one.


  • The single-breasted jacket is the classic style everyone will look good on.
  • The double-breasted jacket looks better on taller guys. This style needs to be buttoned at all times because of its boxy shape.
  • The shawl-collar jacket is the most traditional one. Although, younger crowds prefer a more casual jacket.

Shoe styles for tuxedos:

  • Classic black leather shoes are great for any tuxedo style.
  • Shiny black pair of shoes are very classy, classy, and classy!
  • Round toed shoes look good on most guys and are considered quite traditional.
  • Square toe shoes are more of a modern style.


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