Glamour and opulence, Santos Creations’ Quinceañera Dresses
Glamour and opulence, Santos Creations’ Quinceañera Dresses

Glamour and opulence, Santos Creations’ Quinceañera Dresses

Santos Mata’s innovative quinceañera dresses designs and lavish styles turn quince girls into princesses.

Established in the city of Gardena, designer Santos Mata reveals fall trends and tells us about his unique style when it comes to Quinceañera dresses, which has earned him a place within the fashion world for quinceañeras worldwide. Santos Mata’s style is glamorous, lavish and a bit extravagant. With over 30 years of experience in design and ready to wear, Santos has created thousands of exclusive designs for quinceañeras and brides in the United States, Mexico and Central America. Santos came to this country from Jalisco, Mexico during the seventies. He attended LACC in Los Angeles and took fashion design classes. From them, his interest and passion for design mixed with his Mexican roots helped him open Santos Creations, a place that has made a name for itself in the dresses and quinceañeras universe.

Always looking to accentuate women’s silhouettes, Santos specialized in corsets, a talent that has taken him to dress celebrities such as Carmen Jara and Maria Sorte. Although his VIP clientele is extended, he rather not mentions names, discretion is a well appreciated virtue. Now this renowned master of design shares with Quinceanera.com this season most popular trends on Quinceañera dresses which will reign in many parties from here until mid-2014.

Quinceañera dresses

Photo by Santos Creations.

What is your fall trend when it comes to Quinceañera dresses?

Well, first, I always respect the quinceañeras’ taste since their request is what matters the most to me. However, what I am currently working with are contrasts, a very innovative trend outside the traditional dresses. There is not a specific color but contrasting tones which help the fabrics and texture more noticeable, but I do not use colors from them same palette. Meaning, I would not combine a dark green combine with a lighter one but I would contrast turquoise with purple or apple green with fuchsia. It is important for the contrasting to be harmonic, vivid and different.

What do you think of young girls who prefer to wear a wedding gown instead of Quinceañera dresses?

For me, it is about respecting the tradition of Quinceañera dresses. Personally, I do not agree with young girls wearing bridal gowns, I would prefer a more age-appropriate dress. They must look like princesses, after all they are quinceañeras not brides. Many choose long dresses yet during the waltz or throughout the party they have no idea how to walk with it since it keeps getting on their way.

Which is your favorite style for damas and chambelanes?

Damas must always wear youthful and simple designs. I make dresses that are less striking than the quinceañera’s, their job is to help the birthday girl shine on her day without stealing her thunder. As for chambelanes, I generally choose elegant yet simple styles with lighter tones that go well with the quinceañera’s dress.

You specialize in corsets; please explain the advantage of such a piece and how it accentuates Quinceañeras’ silhouettes or any other girl who wishes to flaunt an incredible waistline.

Corsets’ number one advantage is that they adapt to all types of bodies. Most of my clients fear looking bad with my designs because they are not thin, but I tell them not to worry since the confection of my pieces is design to mold and create a small waist. They always leave happy, even chubby girls achieve a beautiful waist with these corsets. No quinceañera should be intimidated by their weight. My designs will always favor them, they must be careful who they go to and avoid sewers who have no clue how to make a corset, it is not an easy task.

Santos’ advice

The trending colors of what’s left of this year are gold, dark green, cherry and burnt red. As far as contrasting fall dresses, yellow with orange and yellow with brown are the designer’s favorite combinations.

Santos’ Quinceañera dresses start at $1,500. Considering the amazing job he does and the unique details sewn on every dress, his creations are affordable for any girl who is planning her Quinceañera party.

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