Mitzy: High-end Fashion Quinceañeras Dresses
Mitzy: High-end Fashion Quinceañeras Dresses

Mitzy: High-end Fashion Quinceañeras Dresses

Fashion, glamour, and style are words that define Mitzy, a Mexican designer, who has been in show business for over 35 years.

His workshop in Mexico currently employs more than 80 workers, and his boutique is swarmed by young girls who are anxious to find the perfect dress for the most special day in their lives: their Quinceañera.

Mitzy shares with us the secrets that every Quinceañera must know in order to “become a princess” on her special day.

What is the best part about designing a Quinceañera dress?
It’s having the opportunity to be part of an intimate family celebration. I’ve been in the business for 35 years and have clients for whom I designed their Quinceañera dresses, then their wedding dresses, and now I’m designing their daughters’ dresses.

The current economic crisis has affected many businesses. Does this include Quinceañeras?
Whether there’s a crisis or not, young girls are turning fifteen. The girl doesn’t know there’s a crisis going on, but the dad does, and he refinances the house to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. It’s also important for the mom because she had a Quinceañera, or maybe she didn’t, or just in case her daughter doesn’t marry; young women nowadays hardly get married, Quinceañeras have replaced weddings!

What is the most important aspect of the Quince attire?
She’s the queen of the night, so the most important aspects are her dress, hair, and makeup. I also recommend they exercise regularly to lose a bit of weight if necessary. The results are amazing.

What is the biggest mistake a Quinceañera can make?
Having everything match the color of the dress. I break this tendency. For example, if the dress is pink, then everything else should be silver or gold. Another common mistake is wearing makeup that matches the color of the dress. Makeup should match skin tones and highlight facial features.

Mothers play an important role when it comes to choosing a dress. What advice can you give them?
To let their daughters choose their own dress. Don’t interfere so much.

Is there a particular style that girls request?
Many Quinceañeras have asked for skull designs. I don’t do that because it’s not my style. They also ask for an emo style that’s very popular in Mexico. I avoid it and let others explore it. I respect it, but it’s not my style.

It is common to see Quinceañeras wear many accessories. What do you think about this?
I try to convince them not to wear too many accessories. My dresses are splendid enough and don’t need anything other than a nice hairstyle, tiara, and bouquet. I try to design collars that are clean and necklace-free.

How far in advance should you order a dress?
Ideally… six months in advance. However, if someone comes to me with an emergency, I can have it ready in three days.

Your favorite dress…
The lily design inspired by Diego Rivera. It’s a top seller. It’s decorated with hand-made oil paint created by a Mexican artist, an excellent gown for a Mexican party Quinceañera.

What is the source of your success?
The crinoline. In the United States, they use hoop skirts that don’t adapt to the style of the dress. I use tulle crinolines that produce fullness at the bottom of the dress. This way, when a Quinceañera turns, it is something magical, total glamour.

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