Re-Use Your Quinceañera Dress, We Tell You How!
Re-Use Your Quinceañera Dress, We Tell You How!

Re-Use Your Quinceañera Dress, We Tell You How!

The party is over and now, you just don’t know what to do with your Quinceañera dress…

Here are a few reasons why recycling your dress makes perfect sense:

  • Getting more than your moneys worth – After considering how much the dress had cost, you will feel like you’re getting more than your money’s worth by re-using your dress.
  • Not another chance to wear your dress in public – Consider that you may not have another opportunity to wear your beloved dress in public without a reasonable occasion.
  • Perfect opportunity to relive the magic – This is the perfect opportunity to re-live the magic of your Quince’s day publicly.

Now that you have these reasons in mind, here are 5 special occasions that may inspire you to wear your glam Quinceañera dress once again!

1. Prom: Girls spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours looking for that perfect prom dress. What better way to impress your classmates and save money than to wear your Quince ball gown that you’ve already fallen in love with. All you have to do is change up your hair and makeup to create a different look, perhaps even make it into a short dress, and you’re set for a spectacular night!

2. Christmas Ball: This is usually a super fancy occasion that calls for a big poofy dress, just like your Quinceañera dress! Since this occasion is in the wintertime, you may want to add some extra accessories to keep you warm, such as gloves!

3. Halloween: Who doesn’t love Halloween costumes? You can’t go wrong!

Cinderella Costume

Wear your Quince dress to portray a Disney princess character!

4. Photo Shoot: Recapture that magical moment on camera wearing your Quince dress! Change up the theme, so your pics are not too similar to the ones you took during your Quince. One idea that’s currently trending are glamour shots. And guess what, it calls for a ball gown! Add a classy choker and a fancy vintage hat to mimic the look.

5. Plays: Are you in a school play and your drama teacher is in search for costumes? Be a life saver and donate your dress to the arts! You might just end up stealing the show 😉


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