Quinceañera Dresses by Roxy’s Bridal
Quinceañera Dresses by Roxy’s Bridal

Quinceañera Dresses by Roxy’s Bridal

Wearing an exclusive design for your Quince party is no longer a dream. With over 11 years of experience, Roxy’s Bridal makes your dreams come true.

The first thing that captures your attention when entering Roxy’s Bridal, is the variety and quantity of Quince dresses the store has at their store located in Montclair, California. They carry modern, classic, Victorian and renaissance styles available for every taste as well as budget.

Roxy, Salvadorian head designer and owner of the Brand, opened the store along with her mom at the age of 17. Back then her dream was to become a doctor, yet the magic of the fashion world grabbed her, and soon she changed the scalpel for a needle and white scrubs for sumptuous dresses.

Times were hard at first, they began selling catalog dresses, then realized what most teenage girls want is to wear an exclusive design. And so, Roxy began to design her own creations, always supported by her mother’s creativity and her sister’s opinion as she is always honest if “something is not quite right”. 

  A group of bridesmaid dresses in different colors, alongside a Quinceanera gown

Nowadays, the LA native designer feels proud on changing career paths and being able to fulfill her passion: designing Quinceañera dresses.

What do you love most about your profession?

Being fifteen signifies a precious and innocent stage in life, and I love guiding the girls into the right decision when it comes to their dresses.

What creates the perfect Quinceañera dress?

The dress’ style and color depend on the party’s theme. Then one must keep in mind the girl’s silhouette, her height and skin tone. After various discussed ideas with both the girl and her mom, the dreamed design is created, so the girl leaves happy, and I feel satisfied and accomplished of my work.

How would you advise the girls who come to you?

To come with an open mind when choosing the dress, to allow themselves to listen to the designer and most importantly do not get highly influenced by others.

Is this the biggest mistake a Quinceañera could make?

Most definitely, especially if they end up choosing a dress they were told yet do not like it. I have seen so many girls leaving disappointed because they could not choose their style, their parents or someone else did it for them.

Speaking about styles, what seems to be the trend for this year?

Definitely animal print, I introduced it on my last year’s collection and it has been a success. For those who want a romantic dress I’ve created Victorian style dresses like the ones featured on my latest collection, Alana Maylyn, which is dedicated to my daughter hence the name.

As far as colors and fabrics, what is in trend? 

Plum, turquoise and fuchsia are the most requested, as for fabrics taffeta which is commonly used for the “bubble look” and shantung because of its elegance.

With so much luxury, your dresses must be somewhat expensive. . .

Not at all, they are made for different budgets, starting at $650

 Lastly, are you thinking of expanding your brand?

It is absolutely one of our priorities; we are now doing wholesale and will shortly be selling on eBay. Meanwhile, my dresses are only available at my store in Montclair, however I do have clients from Texas, Georgia and Mexico all due to Facebook. Everyone is looking online for upcoming trends so social networking sites are indeed a powerful tool when marketing one’s business.


Roxy’s Bridal

4457 Holt Boulevard

Montclair, CA 91763


(909) 621-3410

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