Stop Staring! The New Vintage Fashion Statement For Quinceañeras
Stop Staring! The New Vintage Fashion Statement For Quinceañeras

Stop Staring! The New Vintage Fashion Statement For Quinceañeras

From humble beginnings, to sewing her own clothes at age 16, to building a fashion empire, Alicia Estrada is breaking fashion barriers with her sexy classic vintage style dresses.

New times, new styles and new fashion alternatives are evolving into innovative ideas for Quinceañera fashionistas. More and more Quinceañeras are interested in shopping for a retro dress for their rockabilly quince.

Exactly what Stop Staring! Screams out loud: Unique!

Headed by Mexican-American Alicia Estrada, the cutting edge fashion line of original retro rockabilly dresses has made its way in into every girl’s wardrobe for the past 16 years. Quinceañeras are no exception.

At only 16 years old and with basic sewing knowledge taught by her mother, Alicia Estrada worked herself up into the fashion world and hasn’t looked back ever since.

What began as a hobby – making clothes for her and her 6 sisters – she turned into a business guided by her vision – sexy, classy designs that are now sold in thousands of boutiques all over the world. Speechless? We know, but there’s more.

stop staring high end collection

Stop Staring! high-end collection

Her vintage inspired collection, which she describes as “smashing two eras together” (40s & 50s), has been featured in countless numbers of fashion magazines like Vogue, Alture, Seventeen, as well as other top tier publications, and have been worn by A-list celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Cristina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and even more!

The good news is that YOU don’t have to pay A-list prices to wear her line! Alicia Estrada started Stop Staring! “To tell everyone that you don’t need money to feel and look different,” so she has made sure that her classic styles have consistently affordable prices — making them available and wearable for any girl, dama, mom, abuela, and celebrity alike!

Quinceañera.com has become the #1 fan of the beautiful dresses at Stop Staring! And got the inspiring Latina visionary to sit down for a chat about her designs and style. Here is what Alicia thinks about Quinceañera styles, her inspiration, prices, and the world of fashion.

When did you know you’d become a fashion designer?

I always loved fashion, and I always knew in my heart I was meant to change women’s feelings with my clothes. I started sewing when I was 16 years old and even though my family encouraged me to pursue a career different from fashion, following a teacher’s advice, I dropped out from my accounting major and took my vintage-influenced style to Long Beach City College’s fashion design program. What started just as a test period (without my parent’s consent) became my life. The rest is history. Before I knew it and with God’s guidance, I was selling my designs in stores that were on the “street to be on” at that time – Melrose Avenue. Soon enough, big boutiques noticed my designs and my business grew with the demand.

swing style dress by Stop Staring!

Swing style dress by Stop Staring!


Vintage seems to be your passion now. Was that always the case?

At the beginning, my clothing was very club sexy. However, I wasn’t comfortable creating clothes that went against my principles. At that point, and thanks to God’s vision, I changed Stop Staring!’s direction to 50s style, at a time when no one was selling vintage style dresses. My taste changed to a more updated, classy look.

What moves you when you are designing?

My inspiration is my every day life, vintage stores, black and white movies, and Mexican cinema. With my vintage style dresses I want girls to look sexy, but with perfectly fitted classy dresses that are in fact known for its tailored fit. That’s my signature. You don’t need to show too much to look beautiful.

What are the most popular styles that you sell for Quinceañeras?

Our pinup style dresses are very popular, they are 1950s inspired, and look beautiful and classy on everyone! Also, the swing style dresses with the full skirts are very popular with Quinceañeras. They look great on all sizes. Some parties actually use the sexy but classy fitted styles.

All the styles are very complimentary on all shapes and sizes, and our dresses are available up to size 18, and up to size 26 in about a dozen styles.

stop staring dresses

Stop Staring! swing style dress.


Are you seeing an increasing demand from Quinceañeras buying your dresses? What are the average prices?

Yes, we have had a huge increase in demand for Quinceañeras. They love the fact, that they are less expensive, plus these are dresses they would love to wear over and over, so it will not just sit in the closet collecting dust. Our average prices are around $145 retail. If a Quinceañera wants a special color, this can be done easily for a small additional fee.

What are the women wearing, Stop Staring! Telling the world? What is the statement?

Stop Staring! Empowers you with style and class. The beautiful styles and great fit, keep all eyes on you! The dresses are 1950s inspired by a modern touch. PLUS, they look great on all shapes and sizes.


Check out Stop Staring’s gorgeous styles online:





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