The Perfect Guide to Quinceanera Guest Dresses for Every Season

Jazmin Alvarez

You just received an invitation from your BFF and the first question on your mind is: what am I wearing?

We know just the perfect way for you to stand out from the quinceanera crowd! Here are some rules you MUST follow to ensure you get the attention you deserve:

Rule #1: Respect religious affiliation. Bring a cardigan if the mass will be held at a Catholic Church if your dress is strapless or has spaghetti straps.

Rule #2: Don’t show too much cleavage or legs. You don’t want your friend’s parents thinking you’re a bad influence on their daughter. Plus you don’t want to become the center of distraction – in a bad way. If your dress is short, make sure the top is covered and if you’re showing some skin on top, make sure the length of your dress is long – this will ensure that your look is balanced out.

Rule #3: It’s worse to be under dressed than overdressed. When in doubt, wear a cute formal dress in case it’s a super fancy gathering.

Rule #4: Don’t wear anything similar to the quinceanera (e.g., long puffy dress/extravagant dress). Trust us, it’ll get annoying when guests mistaken you for the quinceanera. You want her to be the spotlight on that particular day, your time will come soon when you have your party.

Now that we covered these rules, take a look at the quinceanera guest dresses that’ll never run out of style:

Spring Quinceaneras

Floral prints, lace, and pastel colors should be on your mind! If you’re thinking about wearing a long dress, make sure it’s an indoor quinceanera because of the mud you could be dragging if it’s outdoors. Wedges are the perfect shoes for comfort and style.

Summer Quinceaneras

Bold colors, sheer fabric, and chiffon will give you the flowy and flashy look you’re going for this summer! Opt in for a short dress rather than long to avoid excessive sweating. You can’t go wrong with a high to low dress to accentuate your long legs.

Fall Quinceaneras

Make a trendy appearance this fall by showing up in a burgundy, tan, berry, or emerald formal dress! With the cooler temperature during the evening, you may want to consider a high neck or half-sleeved dress. Glamorize your look by carefully matching your accessories.

Winter Quinceaneras

Winter is one of our favorite seasons of the year because it gives us an excuse to go all out with sparkle! Red, gold, and any shade of blue will put you in a festive mood.

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