5 Genres to Consider for your Baile Sorpresa
5 Genres to Consider for your Baile Sorpresa

5 Genres to Consider for your Baile Sorpresa

Struggling to decide which song to choose for your baile sorpresa or perhaps a genre?

We’ve created a list with the top 5 most popular Quince genres you should consider for your Quince dance.

  1. Cumbia

This genre is a very known dance which originated from Colombia decades ago and has evolved all throughout the world. Its rhythm is so catchy, it will get anybody dancing. Best part is, you can add your own moves without having to worry about a complicated choreography. Most girls love dancing to Selena and La Sonora Dinamita.

2. Pop

Whether it’s Pop en Español or English Pop music, Quinceañeras tend to use the most trending pop songs for their surprise dance. The most popular Pop singers include; Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, among others. This dance consists of a lot of choreography, perfect for any chica who loves to groove!

3. Hip-Hop

Also known as Hip-pop or rap music, this genre is very popular specially in the US. The dance consist of a lot of street dance styles which can be pretty cool to watch. Most Hip-hop moves end up trending on social media like; the nae nae or Kiki challenge. The most known hip-hop rappers or artists that Quince girls love to use for their surprise dance are Drake, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Migos, and other known artists.

4. Reggaeton

This latin genre is up and trending! Want a one of a kind performance? This dance is the perfect time to show your guests your moves!

5. Banda/ Huapango

Want a traditional dance? Banda or Huapango (which is similar to Zapateado) are two dances very popular in Mexico. These styles are even better if you can include your whole Quince court or just chambelanes.

Which genre will you be choosing for your baile sorpresa?

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