Everything There Is to Know About your Surprise Dance
Everything There Is to Know About your Surprise Dance

Everything There Is to Know About your Surprise Dance

This article is part of our ultimate series about Quinceañera planning. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Quinceanera planning 101. It's your go-to resource for everything Quinceañera!

Are you worried about messing up your surprise dance?

Are you too shy to dance in front of all your guests?

Are you still debating over which songs to dance?

Take a deep breath and keep on reading, this information will help you make a decision and either skip your baile sorpresa or prepare you to take on the dance floor.

It is not a tradition

Although most if not all, Quinceañeras choose to do a surprise dance for their Quince, it is not a tradition. The waltz on the other hand it is a tradition that has lived through generations.

You can pick JUST one song or genre

Most girls choose to do a mix of hip hop, bachata and pop songs, which most of the times can get done by hiring a DJ or by testing your music editing skills and putting it together yourself on your computer or through apps on your phone. However, you could do several songs of the same genre or only one song in particular.

Your court could be part of it or you can do it solo

Say you've been taking contemporary dance for years and your Quince is the ideal moment to showcase your talent for your loved ones. Go for it, don't worry about not having your court be part of your surprise dance.

You should do something completely unexpected

There is a reason why it is called a surprise dance or baile sorpresa! Although some girls choose to do a dance in accordance with their Quince theme…


Quince theme: Surprise Dance:
Western Quinceañera Quebradita
Jasmine Inspired Quinceañera Belly dancing
Mexican Quince Theme Mariachi

 …but it does not have to be that way! Our suggestion is to choose a ‘baile sorpresa’ completely opposite to your dream so your guests are actually surprised by it! 

It is not a requirement

Don’t feel force to do a surprise dance, it’s ok to be shy! This is just one more Quince add-on as part of the entertainment (similar to surprise dances between Quinceañeras and their dads) but you don’t have to perform if you do not feel like it.

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