Six Affordable and Worthy Quinceañera Gifts You’ll Love
Six Affordable and Worthy Quinceañera Gifts You’ll Love

Six Affordable and Worthy Quinceañera Gifts You’ll Love

Are you trading your celebration for an over-the-top birthday present? Have your parents ask what do you want but still have no clue?

Take a look at these Quinceañera gifts and pick one according to your budget:

1) A New Electronic Gadget


Whether it is the latest phone or a brand new iPad, electronic gadgets are expensive gifts that could be easily afforded by saving up. Nevertheless, be appreciative of the money spent and keep the phone for at least one year, before rushing and asking for the next one. Think it through and do your research before making a final decision.

2) Concert Tickets


How about One Direction or Justin Bieberconcert tickets for you and your BFFs? Accompany by a one-night fabulous night at a nearby hotel to rest right after the concert. This is truly an amazing present! Something to plan ahead, talk about with your parents and your friends’ parents as well.

3) A Shopping Spree

This one can be easily adapted to fit all kinds of budgets, it all really depends on which stores you end up buying from. Cute, cool and inexpensive brands like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Payless, Delias.com, JC Penney, ALDOS and Torrid can help you stretch your budget. For more eclectic pieces try Plato’s Closet instead of Urban Outfitters. For a bigger budget try Francesca’s Collection, Nordstrom and American Apparel.

4) Get a Season Pass


Click on pic to purchase your Disney season pass!

If you happen to live nearby a theme park, consider getting an annual pass! Southern California residents can get a Disneyland pass starting at $42 per month while Knott’s starts at $14.50. These type of gifts work great for the Quinceañera who loves sports, imagine having tickets for the whole season of your fade team?

5) A Trip


Another gift that could be fit any type of budget, you do need money but how much could be determine by the location, the number of days you wish to be out of town and of course, how expensive is this place you’ll be visiting. A few ideas are a weekend getaway, the beach, a road trip, a college trip to visit your top choices for the near future and if your budget allows for it, even Paris, France!

6) A Car


Ok maybe not as expensive as Kylie’s…

Each state varies but in California you must be 16 and a half to get your driving permit but must still drive accompanied by an adult. With the help of your parents, do your research to look for a safe, practical and affordable car you can drive. Definitely one of the bests Quinceañera gifts you could get!

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