How to Take Care of your Quinceanera Ring
How to Take Care of your Quinceanera Ring

How to Take Care of your Quinceanera Ring

Celebrating your Quinceanera isn’t complete without a ring to commemorate that special milestone birthday.

A Quinceanera ring with the words 'how to take care of your Quinceanera ring'.

When you look down at your hand, you will always remember that party, that day and all those memories. You’ve probably agonized over finding the perfect ring. Maybe it’s your birthstone or a diamond solitaire. Whatever gorgeous design you’ve selected, your ring celebrates you…just like your Quinceanera.

Diamonds, gemstones and precious metals aren’t damage-proof. Yes, you probably know that diamonds are the hardest gemstone, but they can be chipped and nicked. And daily wear and tear will take a toll on all jewelry. So here’s what you need to know to keep that special ring from becoming tattered, battered and abused:

Clean Your Ring!

No, not daily. But weekly is a good recommendation, especially if you’re wearing it every single day. Dirt, residue, and debris can gunk up the inside of your ring, which can cause skin irritation. Soak your Quince ring in warm water and mild detergent or even baby soap and use a soft brush to clean it. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner as it may loosen the stone…and stay away from ammonia-based cleaners!

Put the Ring to Bed

Remove your Quinceanera ring before you go to bed at night and when you take a bath, shower, or swim. Make sure you always have a safe place to store it…either a jewelry box or the original box. Never place your ring on a sink, as it can fall and slip down the drain!

Time for a Check-Up

Take it to the jewelers twice a year to have it checked for any issues like loose prongs. Occasionally, prongs may need to be replaced. If you notice a loose stone or a broken prong, take the Quinceanera ring in and have your jeweler inspect the setting.

Insure the Bling

If your ring features a large solitaire diamond or gemstone, your parents may want to get it insured. That way, if it gets lost or stolen, you can have it replaced!

With a little TLC, your Quince ring will remain flawless and perfect…and serve as a forever reminder of your epic Quinceanera!

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