Summer Quince Cake Trends 2016
Summer Quince Cake Trends 2016

Summer Quince Cake Trends 2016

Just like there are trends in fashion, there are trends in Quince cakes! The trend in 2016 is moving away from monotone designs and traditional flavors to intricate shapes and bold flavors. Cakes are allowed to come in all shapes and sizes, fit for any Quinceanera.

If you have a calling for art, use it to design your very own Quince cake. In other words, don’t be afraid to make a statement!

Now that you have a design in mind, check out the Quince cake trends of 2016! Get ready to wow your guests and most importantly yourself:

1. Metallic Cakes: Besides wearing metallic eye shadow for an evening night out, it has been a trend to decorate cakes with it! We love how metallic makes the cake stand out with it’s shiny and glam appearance. Appealing metallic colors to consider are gold, silver, and purple.

2. Sequined Cakes: Just like metallic, sequins are a must if you’re trying to add elegance! They have the power to transform just about anything. If you’re known as a fashionista and elegance is your middle name, go for a sequined cake. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make the whole cake sequined, adding it sparingly is enough to make it pop!

Sequined Cakes

3. Oddly Shaped Tiers: This year’s trend calls for odd shapes and extravagant designs. Multiple tiers of the same shape can get boring so mix it up! You can start with a rectangular shaped cake and top it off with round cakes or choose diamond shaped cakes – the sky’s the limit!

Quince Cakes

4. One Layered Quince Cake: A simple yet gorgeous selection because your guests attention will be set on that gorgeous layer. If you have more than 100 guests, obviously one cake will not be enough to feed all especially if they have a strong sweet tooth. So having several one layered cakes will be your best bet!

Star Cake

5. Floral Cakes: A classic that’s always trending! Flowers represent delicate beauty. Most of us can agree that nature did us a favor with their existence! If you’re the conservative type and want a cake that’ll still be trending for generations to come, choose a floral cake! If you’re known for bold tastes, you can pair it up with other Quince trends such as metallic!


6. Intricate Designs: These include lace, polka dots, bows, ruffles, stripes, your pics, and even hand painted water color cakes. Basically letting your imagination run wild! Nowadays it’s all about creativity, whatever you imagine can be baked! Just remember to stay away from cakes of one color!

Extravagant cake

7. Buttercream Ombre Cakes: Buttercream is recently making a comeback but since you want to surprise your guests, add a little pizzaz by choosing a buttercream ombre cake! This is the best choice if you’re set on a color theme.

Ombre 11

8. Desserts other than Cakes: Don’t feel guilty if you don’t want a cake for your quince. The best solution is to choose a dessert that you love and share it with your guests. Cake pops, macaroons, crepes, and cupcakes are the most popular choices but feel free to choose anything you like. Besides, it’s your party so you make the choices! More and more Quinceaneras are choosing this option, making it a 2016 trend.

Cupcake Cake

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