15 Incredible Quinceanera Photographs with Horse’s

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Whether your Quinceanera is a traditional Charro theme or if it is a modern princess fairy tale. A horse goes with any photoshoot to make your coming of age celebration that much more special!


A horse symbolizes freedom, desire, movement, and travel. Horses are beautiful animals they stand tall and strong! Just like all young women on their 15th birthday. Individuals like to horseback ride because of the feeling that the horse provides them. A feeling of freeing themselves, feeling majestic in their bindings. These following photographs look effortless but capturing these photos can either be easy or difficult. The photos will only come out well if the horse cooperates and allows itself to be photographed.  

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Here are 15 photographs of Quinceanera’s posing with horses on their special day!


Eight tips for a successful photo shoot with a horse: 

  1. Select a location that has no distractions that will keep the horse from not paying attention when photos are being captured. 
  2. Make sure the location is leveled and easily accessible for a horse.  
  3. Try to guide your horse the way you want it to be posed.  
  4. Always know yours and your horse’s angles. 
  5. Always keep the horse interested.
  6. Take a couple of photos, check the frame to adjust, and make sure the horse and the Quinceanera are posing correctly. 
  7. Take LOTS and LOTS of pictures, to guarantee there are good photos that were taken!  

AND most importantly  

     8. Have fun with the photoshoot! Let loose and let candid photos be taken because those photos that are in the moment always come out the best! 

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