7 tips and tricks for Quinceañera portrait photography worth sharing.
7 tips and tricks for Quinceañera portrait photography worth sharing.

7 tips and tricks for Quinceañera portrait photography worth sharing.

Every girl dreams of her Quinceañera party and imagines herself wearing her long dress and dancing the waltz in front of her guests.

A Quinceanera couple enjoy a peaceful boat ride on a river surrounded by nature.

 Even after the celebration, you will want to continue remembering those special moments. What is the best way to do it?

By looking at your Quinceañera photo album! But instead of finding the traditional poses with your family, smiling at the camera with every flash, take original photos that make you feel special every time you look at them.


Whether they make you cry, laugh, or make you feel like a superstar, we have the best photography tips to make your photos special and far from ordinary.


Make the most of your accessories and different settings

Consider using unusual accessories, such as animals and cars, and visiting unusual places, like beaches and carnivals, to make your photos look amazing. Start by taking a photo with your furry friend who has always been there for you - yes, your cute dog. Or with a horse, if you dare. Have fun with this idea, just make sure not to hurt yourself or your companions. and energetic poses. You will need the traditional photo with your Quinceañera, but make sure to also add some fun photos, like one where everyone is jumping.


The dramatic pose

Smiling at the camera all the time can be boring. Make sure to add some dramatic poses to spice up your photo album. One way to achieve this is by looking away and playing with the position of your arms, as shown in the examples below.


Black and white photos

Atemporal, elegante y vintage: these are the words that best describe a black and white image. If you take one of these photos today, it will still look beautiful even 50 years from now. So, strike your favorite pose and let your photographer know you want your photo in black and white.


Show off your dress

This whimsical pose is absolutely gorgeous! Spin around and watch as your dress follows your movements, displaying the natural beauty of your skirt.


Relax, it's okay to play around with your poses.

Haz poses divertidas y llenas de energía. Necesitarás la foto tradicional con tu corte de Quince, pero asegúrate también de agregar algunas fotos divertidas, como aquella en donde todos están saltando.


The small details matter

Haz estado imaginando cómo te verás en tu gran día durante meses, incluso por años. Ahora es el momento de capturarlo en la cámara. Toma fotos de tu manicure, los accesorios, los zapatos y tu ramo para que puedas recordar fácilmente todos los detalles de tu fiesta.


Learn how to pose in front of the camera during your waltz and surprise dance

Practice with your dad or chambelán before your party and coordinate with your photographer so they know when you'd like to have your photos taken.

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