Extravagant Quinceañera Photo Shoot Ideas With *Main Character* Vibes!
Extravagant Quinceañera Photo Shoot Ideas With  *Main Character* Vibes!

Extravagant Quinceañera Photo Shoot Ideas With *Main Character* Vibes!

Having a photo shoot for your quince is a must! Although, that doesn’t mean that we have to take the same old boring quinceañera picture.

Why be a sidekick when you can be the main character and get photographed as a mermaid or a fairy? The possibilities are endless! Keep in mind that it’s important to do your research when booking a photographer. Make sure to take a look at the photographer’s previous work as well as brainstorm a theme together. Without further adieu, step into main character territory with the following extravagant photo shoot ideas.

1. Flowery Canoe

If your horoscope is a water sign you are sure to love getting photographed anywhere near the water. Consider having a beautiful canoe photo shoot surrounded by beautiful flowers.

2. White Horse

Ever dream about riding through the forest at full speed ahead on your noble steed? All while wearing a beautiful gown in full glam? If you just answered yes to the following questions you will love recreating this photo shoot.

3. By The Sea

Everything is always better by the sea! Consider having two different XV dressed so that you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

4. Flower Fields

Live out your cottagecore dreams by running through and laying on flower fields. Consider asking your photographer for a drone to capture a beautiful overhead shot!

5. Mermaid

Having an underwater theme for your quince? Throw a tail on and splash around a lake for a beautiful mystical picture.

6. Submerged In the water

Submerge yourself and dress in water to create a striking Quince picture!

7. Old Hollywood

You are a star darling! Why not show the world with a gorgeous old Hollywood-themed shoot!

8.Tropical Swing

Give tropical goddess vibes with a lovely photo shoot on a swing above the water! The swans give the picture an extra oomph!

9. Angel Wings

Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? Give everyone a slice of heaven with an angelic photo shoot.

10. Motorcycle

Show the world the rebel that you are with a full-blow motorcycle photo shoot! 

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