10 Reasons to Have a Destination Quinceañera
10 Reasons to Have a Destination Quinceañera

10 Reasons to Have a Destination Quinceañera

Considering a destination quinceañera?


Whether it’s your idea or your parent’s, you’ll soon be convinced that having a destination quinceañera might actually be a better choice than you previously thought.

1. Take advantage of the exchange rate

Some parents may find it cheaper to plan a quinceañera outside of the US, considering the exchange rate.


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2. Easier to adopt Quinceañera traditions

Celebrating your quinceañera in another country will make you stay in tune with your culture.

3. Save money

Reduce costs when you have your quinceañera at your uncle’s ranch or your aunts offer to help you with the catering. Splurge on DIY projects to save you even more!


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4. Treat yourself to a vacation

Take advantage of the trip and take a vacation after your quinceañera. After all, you deserve a break from all the stress of party planning.

5. Expand (or limit) your guestlist

When most of your family members live in another country, your quinceañera will be that much more memorable with your grandmas, grandpas, cousins, uncles, and aunts celebrating with you. You might even have a whole pueblo at your party! Or you could keep it VIP at a resort.

6. Affordable & unique venues

You might have a bigger list of venues to choose from, such as ranches and beaches, when you plan a destination quinceañera. These locations might be available to you for a fraction of the price of what you would pay in the US.


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7. Expect better weather

The weather is typically warmer in Latin America year round – generally. Just watch out for hurricanes and the rainy season. Other than that, expect 70-80 degree weather!

8. Enjoy the gorgeous scenery

The tropical jungles of Central America, turquoise waters of the Yucatán Peninsula, beautiful mountains in Mexico, and the list goes on! Sure you can take photos at your local beach, but how many can say they had their quince photoshoot in a place like Cancún?

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9. Complete your sacraments in less time

Your first communion is a requirement you have to fulfill in order to have a Catholic thanksgiving mass for your quince and it usually takes about 2 years to complete in the US. However, you might be able to take the classes and save time elsewhere.


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10. Give your party that extra added ambiance

You’ll feel the difference in the ambiance immediately! With banda, delicious food, and relatives in party mode, you won’t even feel time fly.


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