Quinceañera Photo Tips from a Photographer’s Perspective
Quinceañera Photo Tips from a Photographer’s Perspective

Quinceañera Photo Tips from a Photographer’s Perspective

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera photography. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera Photography. It's your go-to resource for everything photo and video related!

We’ve given you make up and hairstyling tips to look  your very best for your pre-quince photo shoot.

Now,  Quinceanera.com got a hold of photographer Melinda  Torres, founder of Creating an Image, to give our quince girls the scoop on what to expect for your quinceañera photo  shoot!


We’ve heard that different make up should be worn for outdoor and indoor photo shoots. Is that true?

Melinda: From a photographer’s perspective, I think that the application of makeup can be the same for both indoor and outdoor photo shoots. For a quinceañera it would be best to wear neutral tones.


quinceañera and damas

Should quinceañeras eat a hearty meal before their shoot, or go for a light snack instead?

Melinda: Eating a big meal minutes before such an important photo shoot is definitely not a good idea! A light snack should do the trick.


Should quinceañeras show up to the photo shoot with their hair and make up done, or can that be done on set?

Melinda: It depends. Some photographers work with their own hairstylists and makeup artists. A client is welcome to do their own hair and makeup. But it’s always best to bring this up during the consultation. Every photographer works differently.


What 4 tips would you say are crucial to having a successful photo shoot?

Melinda: Get enough rest the night before, a facial, a good makeup artist and hairstylist that you can trust. Relax and be yourself!


There you have it ladies! Make your photographer a potential BFF, skip the 4-pancake breakfast special, ease up on the make up and most importantly, say cheese and have fun!

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