10 Tips to Plan your Quince in 4 months or less

Grecia Hernandez

Your parents had repeatedly ask you and just months away from turning 15 you decided you want to have a Quinceanera!

Don’t panic, it is completely possible to make it happen! The only downside could be that the venue you had your mind set on could be already booked. But with a little bit of research you can plan your Quince in a heartbeat.

10) Book the venue (and mass)

Once you’re set on the date and you have a physical place to celebrate at, you can begin on planning the rest of your party. If you want a Quinceanera mass, call all nearby churches ASAP and check on their availability. If you’re still missing your confirmation try catholic schools, sometimes these offer shorter courses.

 9) Choose your theme and party favors

Based on the theme or colors you can start buying or requesting the type of décor you want for your party. Our suggestion is to go with colors as this might make it easier to find and buy at an affordable price. After this you can send your XV invites with a peek of what your party will be!

 8) Get your invitations and thank you cards!

Once you know you’re having a Quinceanera the next step is to let your loved ones know so they can save the date. The best would be to buy them physically at a store rather than ordering them online as the production and shipment might take a few weeks.


If you’re still missing your confirmation try catholic schools, sometimes these offer shorter courses.

 7) Look for Catering Services

If your venue does not offer catering then choose three of your favorite dishes and start calling for availability.

 6) Ask your friends to refer a video/photographer/DJ & hairstylist

At this point it is best to go with references from your family and friends, they’ll save you the research and you can take a look at samples of their work. Keep in mind it is short notice so you might end up looking for a while.

5) Choose an easy to dance Quince waltz

This way there is no need of weekly practice, in fact, you won’t even need damas or chambelanes; you can simply do a slow dance with your grandpa and your dad.

4) Order your Quince cake

You know the colors you want it, you know how many guests will be coming now it is time to choose, pay and order that cake to arrive just on your Quinceanera date.

3) Purchase your dress!

By now you should at least have an idea of the color and type of Quince dress you want and most importantly on the budget you’ll be spending. The ideal would be to get a boutique dress that might only need minor alterations, nothing custom made, personalized or that needs to be shipped.

2) Buy your last doll, bible and Quince accessories

Now that you have your dress (and shoes) you can style up your outfit looking for the perfect accessories. And if you’re following the last doll tradition, you can purchase it along with the bible and rosary for your mass.

1) Take a moment to check your TO-DO list

Try to have most of these at least 3 weeks prior to your celebration, check on your list and enjoy the days just before your party.


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