Turning 15 and going on a Quinceañera Trip
Turning 15 and going on a Quinceañera Trip

Turning 15 and going on a Quinceañera Trip

The long awaited Quince celebration party can be replaced  with a Quinceañera trip!

 … which is why travel agencies now offer a variety of  vacation plans made especially for young girls.

Choosing where to go

The most popular destinations are Disney world, Europe, a cruise or visiting your parents’ motherland. Some travel agencies’ packages for Disney world or cruises  include dinner, XV party with a special gift, DJ, and a formal dance. Imagine doing the waltz with  your favorite princesses plus other Disney characters?


Sky Way Travel Agency offers trips for groups of Quinceañeras, click on picture for more information.

Now backpacking in Europe for a few weeks is also a great experience. If you wish to explore other cultures with your family or a group of fellow Quinceañeras, the choices are many; Paris, Spain, London, Germany, Vienna, and Rome are among the more popular destinations.

If you travel to Latin America, you can visit Mexico’s Mayan city, Peru’s Machu Picchu ruins, Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, and many other places. If you prefer the sea, you can visit Brazil’s exotic beach Ipanema and the paradise-like beaches of Cancun, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Santa Martha in Colombia, which you can enjoy throughout the year.


Sky Way Agency offers great options, check them out!

Research and making up your mind

There are packages that are made for a quinceañera and her mother as well as special packages for groups. Most provide everything from air fare, hotel and food accommodations, prices vary according to the place, the number of people, and any additional features you want to include in your package.

So carefully consider your Quinceañera budget and do online research for off-peak seasons to get better deals. Consider also that some landmarks are closed during off-peak seasons therefore the price you pay should be worth the trip and the places you’ll see. 


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