4 Ways to Prepare for Your Quinceañera
4 Ways to Prepare for Your Quinceañera

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Quinceañera

When it comes time to plan and prepare for your quinceañera there are so many intricate details that need to come together.

Between choosing your theme, which traditions you want to include, and of course what dress to wear, it’s important to keep things organized.


Squaring away fundamental logistics is key for everything coming together as you envisioned. To get started, think about your budget. Setting a budget and figuring out what you are comfortable spending is essential. From there, you can select a venue that is within your price range. Once the venue is selected you can choose an available date near your birthday to celebrate your quinceañera. The venue can also help you choose the food and drink you want to be served, the theme of the party, and the layout of the event.

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Create a Beauty Timeline

One way to prepare for your quinceañera is to create a timeline for hair, makeup, skincare, and buying your dress. Starting the dress shopping process 8 months before your quinceañera is best. Whether you decide to go with the traditional elegant ball gown or something different, plan with enough time to get alterations and to find the right shoes to match. About 2-3 months before your quinceañera you will want to book your appointments for hair and makeup. Scheduling this far ahead will leave you plenty of time to do a trial run with your hairstylist and makeup artist. You will want to start an established skincare routine 3-4 months before your quinceañera. If you struggle with acne, finding a teen acne treatment will help with stubborn skincare issues before the big day. Getting your skincare, makeup, and haircare plan in place well in advance will help to ease stress and boost your confidence.

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Figure Out The Details

Another way to prepare is to brainstorm what you would like to include during your quince party. Do you want to include a traditional Court of Honor, or do a surprise choreographed dance? A Court of Honor is a popular tradition for quinceañeras and consists of a group of damas and chambelanes that have a close relationship with the birthday girl. Choosing your Court of Honor can be a tricky process so figuring out these details ahead of time will ensure smooth transitions between the different events and a stress-free quinceañera!

Make To-Do Lists

A good way to prepare and stay organized for your quinceañera is to make to-do lists. For example, there is a lot that goes into invitations. You have to make a guest list, choose an invitation template, send out the invitations and then count the RSVPs. Staying organized and checking off each duty as you go will be efficient and prepare you for your quinceañera.  The same thing for the day of duties, make sure to have your checklist with you at all times! Download our Quinceanera.com APP for free to create your very own digital checklist.

Make sure to follow these four tips to help you prepare for your quince party!

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