Cool Surprise Dance Ideas for your Quinceañera
Cool Surprise Dance Ideas for your Quinceañera

Cool Surprise Dance Ideas for your Quinceañera

The surprise dance is the most exciting part of a  quinceañera, as it could make your guests cry or jump and dance with you.

A well-coordinated surprise dance requires effort and dedication from both the Quinceañera and her court of honor, make sure to select a song liked by everyone; even if they don’t know how to dance the beat will motivate them to keep trying.

If you don’t know how to dance, don’t worry! Learning how to dance is usually very fun, all it takes is a little bit of rhythm and one to three steps to master.

If you’re going to have a surprise dance you must then consider the outfits you’ll be wearing. The attire will depend on the music genre, but also on how comfortable you feel wearing it. If the clothes are so tight that they restrict your movement, then they are not the appropriate attire. Wear something that lets you move freely.

Take a look at these surprise dance ideas to set the mood for your party: 

Tropical Surprise Dance

If you choose to use a remix of merengue surprise dance or cumbia mix consider the following:

Girls: wear a lively-colored dress with short or no sleeves, tight at the top and flare at the hips. The length of the dress can be above the knee. You may also wear a combination of a short skirt with flare and a top with or without sleeves.
Guys: black or white creased trousers, dress shoes, and a colorful unbuttoned shirt.

Urban Surprise Dance

If hip-hop, R&B, or reggae is your style, then guys can wear baggy pants, a printed or polo shirt, a pair of tennis shoes, and a bit of “bling bling”.  Use tennis shoes or flats; heels are not fit for this dance style.

Mexican Surprise Dance

Another option for your surprise dance is Mexican regional music; “el pasito duranguense,” “banda,” or even “zapateado.”

The outfit design is very simple: a pair of jeans, cowboy boots, belt, shirt, and a cowboy hat. Both guys and girls can wear the same outfit. Keep in mind that there is an endless amount of choreographies as well as outfits. Ask your friends, search the Internet, or look in magazines.

Choose the one you like best and enjoy the dance!

Girls Rule Dance

Look confident and sophisticated entering your 15-years-old stage when taking over the dance floor with your BFFs! There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing women uplifting one another as they unite for an awesome spectacular!

Outfit: Pop in a glitter top. shorts, and converse while your girls wear basic tops.


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