Build Your Very Own Quinceañera Website
Build Your Very Own Quinceañera Website

Build Your Very Own Quinceañera Website

Creating a website has never been easier, you don’t need to be a designer or have programming skills!

MiQuinceParty.com is a simple and easy-to-use page editor that gives you the power to design a beautiful and unique page with just a couple of clicks.

The site offers cool themes and trendy colors to perfectly fit your Quince theme plus you can easily manage and edit any changes directly from the dashboard.

A Quinceanera-themed smartphone with the text 'Choose your layout' A Quinceanera-themed mobile phone accessory featuring a cell phone with the text 'edit a block' on it
A feature phone mobile device, a cell phone sitting on top of a pink background, suitable for Quinceanera. A Quinceanera themed mobile phone accessory featuring a cell phone with a pink background and the words 'preview'

Your friends and family will feel as if they’re part of your Quinceañera even months before it actually happens.

Besides working as digital invitation, MiQuinceParty.com puts you in full control of your celebration in ways you never thought were even possible. Take a look at all the things it allows you to do:


Share Details of your Event

The date, time and place of your ceremony and reception with the option to RSVP is available to your guests right away. No need to wait for that Quince invitation to arrive…

This will help out-of-town guests plan ahead and most importantly it will save you time. You will no longer have to call every single friend and family member to check if they’re coming to your fiesta!

Add your Gift Registries

Buying presents for a Quinceañera is not an easy task, with this feature your guests can easily find an item under any of the listed registries and get you that gift you’ve always wanted.

All you have to do is create the registry on your fave store’s site then add the link to your webpage.


Introduce your Quinceañera Court

Add the names and pictures of all the members of your Quince court. Your guests will get to know your elite posse for that special day and your damas and chambelanes will feel honored to be featured on your Quinceañera website. Not having a court? No worries! You can delete the section with just one click.

Compile all your #QuincePictures

Every posted photo on Instagram including your very own Quinceañera hashtag will be available for everyone to see on your personalized link live on MiQuinceParty.com

Keep everyone in the loop of your Quince planning by posting a few sneak peeks and decoration ideas. Talk about an instant Quinceañera album!


Feel the Love!

Lastly, the site features a guest book for your friends and family to leave sweet comments, congratulations and maybe even ask questions prior to the party.


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