How to Celebrate a Quinceañera Without a Quince Party
How to Celebrate a Quinceañera Without a Quince Party

How to Celebrate a Quinceañera Without a Quince Party

Your 15th birthday is around the corner so what are you going to do?

Whether you’re not having a Quinceañera because you don’t want one or the budget does not allow for one, let us tell you two things:

First, a Quinceañera is not about spending tons of money but more about celebrating such a special moment in your life, your coming of age.

Second, if you rather celebrate it differently there are a couple of things you can do.

Take a look at these killer ideas on how to celebrate a Quinceañera without having a party:


1) Have a photo shoot

Rent or borrow a XV dress and have a Quinceañera photoshoot with thematic props to have something to remember this stage in your life forever.

2) Do a VIP dinner

Invite your closest friends and family to a nearby restaurant, dress up nicely in a cocktail dress and have a blast!

3) Go on vacation

 If money is not the issue, consider taking a family trip instead of throwing a party. Family vacations are the best memories to keep!

4) Visit a theme park for a day

 Consider spending a day at Disneyland hopping on every ride possible and enjoying the parades. Make sure to take lots of pictures!

5) Have a “Girls Only” weekend

A group of women from the band Little Mix standing next to each other, representing the friendship and unity that is celebrated in Quinceanera events.

Have a slumber party at your house. Rent some chick flicks, order pizza, and brace yourself for a night of manicures, pedicures and lots of gossip with your best friends and cousins.

Do whatever you want, but do something special on your special day!

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