5 Quinceañera Myths Finally Explained
5 Quinceañera Myths Finally Explained

5 Quinceañera Myths Finally Explained

There are so many things said about Quinceañeras plus the moment you decide to have one you are drained with unsolicited advice from almost everyone you know. What to do? What to skip? What if you want something different?

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Here are 5 of the most popular Quinceañera myths and their realities.

Hopefully these can clarify your mind and see what will work for your fiesta.

You must have a mass

The mass is a huge part of any Quinceañera, of Catholic and Christian faith that is. But what if you’re not Hispanic and you only wish to adopt one part of the culture to celebrate your 15th birthday? You can absolutely do it! Adapt this traditional fiesta to your faith and customs.

You must have an expensive party

Unfortunately, most of the times girls only want a Quinceañera to top one of their friend’s latest fiesta, when in reality the celebration is more about a coming-of-age event denotation maturity. If the latter is what you wish to truly celebrate, it can be done with any size of XV budget. No need to have a fancy venue, a horse carriage and a puffy dress to call it a Quinceañera!

You must have damas & chambelanes


This is one of the biggest decisions Quinceañeras have to make. Are you ok with sharing the spotlight with your dearest friends? A handsome chambelan could also take the attention from you. It is up to you to have only chambelanes, only damas, both or none.

You must choose a Quinceañera theme and colors


Click to know How to Combine Colors for Your Quince

Not both! Finding thematic decorations in specific colors could end up driving you crazy. You can either go for a theme such as spring and decorate everything with seasonal flowers or pick a color scheme and choose your decor based solely on these.

You must do all the XV Traditions


We’ve said it before; the wonderful thing about Quinceañeras is that they can easily adapt to fit any girl’s budget, personality and lifestyle.

You’re already honoring a huge moment in your life; it is up to you to decide how to celebrate it.

If you have any other myths that need a brief explanation, leave your questions on the comments below.

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