How To Cut Costs on Decorations
How To Cut Costs on Decorations

How To Cut Costs on Decorations


Of course you want to create your dream party for your 15th birthday, but a quinceañera celebration can quickly get costly. If you happen to be planning your party on a tight budget, check out these few ways you can easily cut the costs of your decorations!


Use Flowers That Are In Season

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One of the easiest ways to cut the costs of your quince decorations is by using flowers that are in season during the time of your party. If you choose a bloom that is not in season, you could be shelling out a great deal of money just for the flowers.

Make Your Own Decorations


There’s no need to hire an event planner or decorator. Another great way to save money on your quince decorations is by making them yourself. You may want to search online for easy DIY decorations or watch some videos to learn how to create your own centerpieces, bouquets, balloon arches and so much more.

Research Vendors


To ensure you get the very best price, make sure you research all of the vendors you plan to use for your quince. It’s recommended you call around and get a quote from multiple vendors so you can compare prices and services to pick the best one for you and your budget.

Ask For Discounts


There’s no harm in asking your vendors for a discount. You’ll never know if they would find a way to help you save a bit of money if you never ask.

Rent Decorations


If you invest in purchasing your own decorations, you’ll then be stuck with them after your celebration is over. These days, there are many websites that are dedicated to helping quinceañeras and brides trade or rent their decorations to keep the costs down.

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