Love BTS? Here’s how to throw a K-Pop inspired Quinceañera!
Love BTS? Here’s how to throw a K-Pop inspired Quinceañera!

Love BTS? Here’s how to throw a K-Pop inspired Quinceañera!

K-pop is short for Korean pop music, this genre originated and became popular in South Korea.

These music groups usually have anywhere from 4-23 members in their band. K-pop bands like BlackP!nk and BTS have grown a fanbase all around the world.

Their talent and music have reached the hearts of many United States fans despite the language barrier. Celebrate your quinceañera and show your love for K-pop music all in a day’s work. This is a great way for your family and friends to get to know your musical interests better. While immersing and introducing your guest to a different culture and customs.


We want our guests to feel immersed in the K-pop world. We can do this by coordinating the colors of the band into decorations around your Quince venue. You can match the band’s colors to the balloons, table covers, and backdrops. You can even order live-sized cardboard cutouts of your favorite band members to decorate. Check out these cool decorations for inspo found via Pinterest. 

Cake Inspo

If it’s K-pop themed then we know that the cake is going to be delicious and beautiful. These cool BTS cakes on Pinterest are a great way to get ideas for your unique cake. 

Famous Korean Dishes

We want our guests to have the whole South Korean experience. Here are some famous Korean dishes that can be served to your guests. 

Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry

This dish is common during Korean festive holidays such as Korean New Year’s Day.

Sweet and Spicy Korean Potsticker Salad

Your guest is going to eat the dumplings up and they won’t have to be guilty about the dumplings since it’s technically a salad!

Bulgogi Taco Bar

A great way to introduce your guest to Korean ingredients while serving it as something familiar, You can never go wrong with tacos!

Surprise Dance

K-pop stars go through intense training to perfect their singing and dance abilities. You can experience a less intense version of this training while practicing for your surprise dance. You can even have your guest hold up light sticks to cheer you on while you perform your routine. These kinds of light sticks can be seen lighting up the arenas in a K-pop concert.



A cool way to invite your friends and family would be to have your invitations look like concert tickets.

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