Money is Not Enough? No Way! Check Out The Top Hidden Quinceañera Costs You Need to Pay Attention To
Money is Not Enough? No Way! Check Out The Top Hidden Quinceañera Costs You Need to Pay Attention To

Money is Not Enough? No Way! Check Out The Top Hidden Quinceañera Costs You Need to Pay Attention To

Preparing the right budget is key to successfully plan a Quince celebration; everyone knows that. But, what everyone doesn’t know is that there are tons of hidden fees sprinkled throughout the planning that can put you way over budget if you’re not careful.

You must be aware of these hidden fees and factor them into your allotted budget for each party service or you’ll end up paying around 30% more than you intended. Ouch!

Lucky for you, we are here to help you out. Here is a list of the top items families tend to forget when budgeting a Quinceañera celebration.

Pre-Quinceañera costs

Surprising your damas and chambelanes:

For many Quinceañeras, asking their BFFs to share the spotlight with them is everything, but simple. Quinceañeras are popping the question to their damas and chambelanes with creative gifts, fun activities, personalized cards and much much more. However, do you realize how much extra would that cost YOU?

Beauty treatments:

Leaving budget for your hair and makeup stylist is a MUST! However, if you decide to treat yourself with beauty treatments, keep in mind there are tons of discounts out there. From a mani/pedi to a spray tan to a massage, these treats can cost less than expected.


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Quince fashion

Hidden Quinceañera costs when shopping for a gown:

Unless you’re particularly lucky, your Quinceañera gown is going to require some alterations, whether that means hemming the gown, taking it in or letting it out. Some designers offer a flat rate, while others will charge you for every adjustment. Don’t ruin your entire fashion budget on your Quinceañera dress; always remember there is much more to add to it.

Dressing your damas and chambelanes

Traditionally, the Quinceañera is in charge of finding the right attire for the court of honor. However, this does not necessarily means you should be in charge of covering all the expenses. In case you have extra budget to cover this expense, you should research quince deals, buy at the right time for discounts, be aware of last minute alterations, look online, among others.

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Hidden costs: entertainment

Hiring a live band or DJ:

The cost of either the live band or DJ can change if you end up adding last minute equipment. In order to avoid extra costs, make sure you clearly explain the layout of the space, so they know exactly what they are working with

Working extra time:

You’ll be probably dancing your soul out when you realize there is only one more song request till the DJ’s shift is over. This is when you’ll ask to have him overtime. Make sure you’re aware of the additional extra costs this will imply, especially if he is charging you hourly. The same applies to your Quince photographer and videographer.

Hidden Quinceañera costs: guests

Guest’s accommodations:

Before inviting your family abroad, make sure they will handle their trip, transportation and hotel. You’ll probably be able to accommodate some of your closest relatives, but note that a few extra hundreds will be far-gone.

Unexpected guests:

Inevitably, a guest who RSVP’d “no” will turn up anyway. Even worst, your cousin, tía or abuela will end up bringing an unexpected PLUS one, even when you specifically said no PLUS ones were invited, As rude as this may be, you should prepare for this situation beforehand.


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