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Things to Keep in Mind for Quince Dance Practices

Jocelyn Pasillas

Quince dance practices don’t consist of just dancing and practicing, there’s more to it than you ever imagined…

Key to planning a big fiesta is staying prepared and organized which is why we are here to help!

There are many things you need to know before Quince practices begin and that include the following:

When should you start Quince dance practices?

We typically recommend you start 4 months prior to your celebration. If you’re hiring a choreographer, it’s best that he/she confirms the time spam. Keep in mind that you have to consider how many people will be included, the number of different dances you will have to rehearse for and the amount of song time you will be using for each.

You need plenty of space to practice!

Specially if you’re planning on having a big court of honor. Be sure to have a big space to practice. You will be having the dance floor all to yourself on the day of your Quinceanera which is, you need to have enough room to work in. Make sure your whole crew are all evenly spaced out, so they can groove without bumping into one another.

Via Instagram: @avmphotoboutique

Duties as the Quince girl:

Remember you do have a whole crew to take care of when practicing with your court of honor. It is not required, but it is nice to have snacks and water provided for your Quince court. Dancing is no joke and some water may be very needed. Dance practice can take up to 2 hours, so a little water break is recommended.

Also, you may want to get some things straighten up before dance practices start such as making sure all your damas and chambelanes have a ride to and from rehearsal. Some thing you might want to talk to with your parents is providing your crew with a safe ride home if they do not have someone taking them and/or picking them up. Safety always comes first 😉

Via Instagram: @avmphotoboutique

Last practices

• After you and the rest of your court of honor have most of the dance routines down, start thinking about your outfits. If you and your damas will be using heels, make sure you are all comfortable dancing in them.

• Don’t forget about the big dress you will be wearing during your waltz and entrance, do practice with your crinoline at least a couple times. Practice makes perfect!

• Lastly, practice wherever your Quinceanera will take place at. Ask your venue or reception if you and your court can practice the week of on the dance floor you will be performing at. This will help you better prepare for your big day.


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